Top Dentists 2014

A look at some of the new treatment methods used by Woodstock dentist Michael Tischler and other Valley practitioners. PLUS: Our annual Top Dentists list: More than 200 local specialists, as chosen by their professional colleagues

To maintain optimum good health, many people routinely visit their doctors for an annual checkup or when they feel unwell. But when it comes to seeing the dentist? Well, not so much. Folks are often reluctant to get the necessary dental care for fear of the pain that they assume is an inevitable part of the process.

Much of that apprehension, however, is unfounded. Thanks to recent advances in both technology and technique, many dental procedures are faster, more effective — and less uncomfortable — than they were in the past.

michael tischler dds
Michael Tischler, D.D.S.

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Michael Tischler, D.D.S., owner of Tischler Dental in Woodstock, has incorporated several cutting-edge treatments into his practice’s repertoire — the most innovative being a procedure called Teeth Tomorrow. “We are able to replace missing or failing teeth in one day,” says Dr. Tischler. “Patients come in with a denture, and the next day they have an implant-supported bridge.” Known as the Prettau Bridge, this non-removable apparatus is made from zirconia, a type of ceramic that is “the strongest material used in the dental industry,” he says. The custom-made implant is created in the office’s on-site laboratory, making the 24-hour turnaround time possible. A relatively new procedure, these bridges have been installed by Dr. Tischler and his team on “hundreds of patients from all over the country” since the practice began using them in 2011. “We are nationally recognized for Teeth Tomorrow,” he says. “We are the leading lab in the country that’s doing this; we give courses and lectures about it.”

Another new and increasing popular procedure, known as the pinhole surgical technique, helps patients with receding gums — a condition that sometimes requires surgery to correct. Gum tissue is manipulated using special instruments that are inserted through an opening made by a needle — no scalpel or stitches required. “It’s a very predictable and simple way” to deal with this common problem, says Dr. Tischler; his associate, Dr. Fred Milton, is one local dentist specially trained in this method.

Several high-tech innovations make the patient’s time in the dentist’s chair less uncomfortable. CAD/CAM technology — the acronyms stand for “computer-assisted design” and “computer-assisted manufacture” — creates digitized pictures of teeth, which are then used to fashion crowns and bridges. “Impressions are done with a digital scanner,” says Dr. Tischler, “so we’re not putting that putty into your mouth anymore. And they are very accurate.” And, if you must have an injection of anesthetic, the computer-controlled dental wand, which regulates the flow of the drug into the skin, takes away the stinging pain that many people experience from the needle.

Dr. Tischler is just one of the Valley’s Top Dentists. The 212 practitioners in seven dental specialties who make up this elite group have been chosen by their peers, who rated them on a number of factors ranging from education and years of experience to chair-side manner. So — whether you need a simple checkup and cleaning or a more involved procedure — the listings that follow can help you find the dentist that’s right for you.

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The Specialties

Our 212 Top Dentists hail from a variety of specialties. Here’s what each specialty means, plus some fun facts:

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If you’ve ever had a root canal, chances are the procedure was performed by an endodontist. These practitioners specialize in correcting problems involving the teeth’s soft inner tissue. Fun Fact: Evidence shows the first primitive root canal was performed in the year 1687. 

General Dentistry 

General dentists manage and treat everyday dental problems (like cavities) and help patients maintain their oral health. Fun Fact: The first explanation of tooth decay is found in records from 5,000 B.C. when the Sumerians hypothesized about a “tooth worm” that bored into and destroyed teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry 

These dentists work with children from birth to adolescence to promote dental health. Fun Fact: In 1945, Newburgh (along with Grand Rapids, Michigan) inaugurated the fluoridation era when officials added fluoride to the city’s water supply. 


These dentists specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum disease. If you’re in need of a dental implant, head to a periodontist. Fun Fact: Written records indicate that periodontal problems, such as loose teeth, date back to ancient Egypt. 


Prosthodontists design, manufacture, and fit artificial replacements for teeth and other parts of the mouth. Fun Fact: Human skulls dating back to 600 A.D. contain rudimentary tooth implants carved out of shells. 

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Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 

These surgeons treat diseases, injuries, and defects within the hard and soft tissue of the mouth, jaws, and face. Fun Fact: German-born chemist Alfred Einord discovered novocaine in 1905. 


Orthodontists aid in the prevention and correction of tooth irregularities. Fun Fact: Archaeologists have unearthed mummies with crude metal bands wrapped around individual teeth — ancient braces!

About topDentists™


This list is excerpted from the 2014 topDentists™ list, a database that includes listings for more than 220 dentists and specialists in the Hudson Valley area. The Hudson Valley area list is based on thousands of detailed evaluations of dentists and professionals by their peers. The complete database is available at For more information, call 706-364-0853; write to P.O. Box 970, Augusta, GA 30903; e-mail; or visit


“If you had a patient in need of a dentist, which dentist would you refer them to?” 

This is the question we’ve asked thousands of dentists to help us determine who the topDentists should be. Dentists and specialists are asked to take into consideration years of experience, continuing education, manner with patients, use of new techniques and technologies, and of course physical results. 

The nomination pool of dentists consists of dentists listed online with the American Dental Association as well as dentists listed online with their local dental societies, thus allowing virtually every dentist the opportunity to participate. Dentists are also given the opportunity to nominate other dentists who we have missed that they feel should be included in our list. Respondents are asked to put aside any personal bias or political motivations and to use only their knowledge of their peer’s work when evaluating the other nominees. 

Voters are asked to individually evaluate the practitioners on their ballot whose work they are familiar with. Once the balloting is completed, the scores are compiled and then averaged. The numerical average required for inclusion varies depending on the average for all the nominees within the specialty and the geographic area. Borderline cases are given a careful consideration by the editors. Voting characteristics and comments are taken into consideration while making decisions. Past awards a dentist has received, status in various dental academies (Academy of General Dentistry, American Academy of Periodontology, etc.) can play a factor in our decision. 

Once the decisions have been finalized, the included dentists are checked against state dental boards for disciplinary actions to make sure they have an active license and are in good standing with the board. Then letters of congratulations are sent to all the listed dentists. 

Of course there are many fine dentists who are not included in this representative list. It is intended as a sampling of the great body of talent in the field of dentistry in the U.S. A dentist’s inclusion on our list is based on the subjective judgments of his or her fellow dentists. While it is true that the lists may at times disproportionately reward visibility or popularity, we remain confident that our polling methodology largely corrects for any biases and that these lists continue to represent the most reliable, accurate, and useful list of dentists available anywhere.


This list is excerpted from the 2014 topDentists™ list, which includes listings for more than 220 dentists and specialists in the Hudson Valley area. For more information, call 706-364-0853; or write to P.O. Box 970, Augusta, GA 30903; or see TopDentists, LLC has used its best efforts in assembling material for this list but does not warrant that the information contained herein is complete or accurate, and does not assume, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any person for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions herein whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause. Copyright 2010-2014 by topDentists, LLC of Augusta, GA. All rights reserved. This list, or parts thereof, must not be reproduced in any form without permission. No commercial use of the information in this list may be made without permission of topDentists, LLC. No fees may be charged, directly or indirectly, for the use of the information in this list without permission. 

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