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This New App Is Basically Like Pandora for Art Lovers


If you love music, you probably have a program like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, or Apple Radio on all of your devices so you can listen to different songs and artists all day long.

If you love art, you can now do the same thing thanks to a new program called Loupe Art. You can stream art across various styles – just choose abstract, photography, graphic, etc. or choose a color stream to show art in your favorite color – and Loupe Art will cycle through a collection of artists from around the globe right on your desktop, iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV.

It’s like bringing a curated exhibit right into your home. One better, once a piece of art is displayed on your screen, you can click on it to zoom in and get more information about that piece. You can even click to purchase the art and play music to go with it.

It’s like a high end version of a screensaver but better. It’s perfect for having on your desktop at work while you’re reading through documents or meeting with clients. Check it out and tell us what you think.


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