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This Is How Much It Would Cost for E.T. to Phone Home


We’re not here to promote TollFreeForwarding.com, a telecommunications firm that provides toll-free international phone numbers. But we’d be lying by denying that we found their latest PR stunt rather charming, and even persuasive.

The company recently commissioned a “study” to determine how much E.T.’s (yes, that E.T.) signature phone call home would have cost at today’s standard international rates. And it’s a lot. In fact, by their calculations, it would come to $76 Quadrillion, or 71 times the U.S. national debt. So if you’re running a Hudson Valley-based business that necessitates routine, grounded landline conversations with peers outside our borders, it may legitimately pique your interest.

Curious how TollFreeForwarding arrived at that staggering sum? Take their interactive, virtual bicycle tour from California to Brodo Asogi, or get into the weeds of their research (the former is much more fun). At minimum, it’ll momentarily take your mind off that free FaceTime conference (also not a promotion) lined up with your overseas partners. Now where did we put our Reese’s Pieces?