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The Valley-Made Sips We’ll Be Seeking This Halloween



Trick or treat? How about both? Leave the candy to the kids and spoil yourself rotten with these sense-beguiling, area spirits. (And if you want to tuck away some candy corn for later, we won’t judge you either.)


Coppersea Distilling: Pear Eau de Vie

Eau de Vie — French for “water of life” — is a type of fruit brandy that’s been fermented and double distilled. While not exactly spooky, this Pear Eau de Vie produced in New Paltz is deceptively delicious, tasting more like a fruit-laced baked good with a malty, cinnamon-like heat that lingers just a little. Probably perfect with a plate of strong, stinky cheeses, and absolutely on point for autumn. 


Albany Distilling Company: Death Wish Vodka

Consider this your ultimate Halloween sip. Distillers at ALB blend Death Wish cold brew coffee — supposedly the strongest on the market, and created up in Saratoga Springs(!) — with their signature vodka, then sweeten it just a bit with cane sugar. Contrary to the imminent doom the name implies, this stuff is strong enough to jolt you out of any ghoulish state.


Harvest Spirits: Cornelius Applejack

The method used to produce this applejack is just short of pure magic — curious, considering the drink emerged during a period of history in which witchy ways were hunted down. To make this seasonal sip, the folks at Harvest Spirits distill their hard cider twice, then age it for upwards of two years in bourbon casks. The result is wicked good: apple-tasting with a hint of vanilla and a clean, spiced finish.

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