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The 2019 Rockefeller Center Tree Hails From the Hudson Valley


Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in Florida, New York

Photo courtesy of Tishman Speyer


Just call the Hudson Valley the “Christmas tree capital of the world.”

Well, of Rockefeller Center anyway.

For yet another year, the New York City center selected its 2019 tree from among the spruces of the Hudson Valley. Last year, it plucked a 12-ton, 72-foot-tall beauty from the Town of Wallkill to kick off the holiday festivities in the Big Apple.

For 2019, the 70-plus-year-old Norway spruce destined for NYC also comes from Orange County. It’s currently rooted in the village of Florida, with the cut-down scheduled for November 7 (with a new tree set to be planted in its place).

Two days later, the 77-foot mammoth will arrive at its new home in Rockefeller Center. From there, it will be wrapped from top to bottom with more than 50,000 rainbow-hued, energy efficient LED lights on five miles of wire to twinkle throughout the season. As for the crowning jewel, a Swarovski star will adorn the sky-high stunner, which makes its glowing debut on the live broadcast of “Christmas in Rockefeller,” scheduled to air on December 4.



🎄Here it is: The 2019 #RockefellerCenter Christmas Tree 🎄 The Norway spruce hails from the Village of Florida in Orange County, NY. ⣠⣠Each year, Rockefeller Center receives submissions from families in hopes their tree will bring joy to the millions who visit Rockefeller Plaza during the holiday season. We usually select a Norway spruce that is later on in its life cycle, and plant a young one in its place. Once the holidays have passed, the tree is donated to Habitat for Humanity, where it is recycled and used as lumber in their building projects.⣠⣠The tree will be raised on the plaza on Saturday 11/9—mark your calendars!

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As for how Rockefeller Center picks the perfect pine, it’s a community effort. After culling through submissions from community members and talking over potential prospects with head gardener Erik Pauze, the Center narrows down the applicant pool to one top-of-the-line pine.

Want to see the towering green beauty up close? The Rockefeller tree will remain on display through the holiday season until January 17, when it will be donated to Habitat for Humanity for use as lumber in building projects. In other words, there’s more than enough time to plan a winter escapade to see the spruce, ogle the window displays, and channel your inner Eloise at Christmastime.

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