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Suffern's Grace VanderWaal Wins 'America's Got Talent' Season 11


Last night, as anticipated, Suffern’s 12-year-old singing-and-songwriting phenom Grace VanderWaal was officially named season 11 winner of America’s Got Talent, having left millions more awestruck than an actual magic act. Fittingly, her reward is a cool mil in cold, hard, heavily taxed, steadily meted out American currency. But for all of us here in the Hudson Valley, being able to claim relative proximity to Grace is priceless. Unless she feels like sharing some of her payday with us. That’s fine too. 

And lest you missed out on her crowning moment, we implore you to view the clip below. Moreover, we dare you not to well up like a cat lover going down the rabbit hole of adorable kitten videos as Grace instantaneously bursts into humble tears and seeks life’s one true, reassuring embrace—Howie Mandel’s.

Congrats Grace. Even if you were from Tulsa, we’d be giving a standing O.