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Sirius Raw Dog Food Made in Ruby, Near Kingston


So there I was, pushing my cart around Adams in Kingston, picking up fresh this and organic that, and there were these two guys from Sirius Raw Dog Food, handing out samples. Hmmm. I believe the evolution of dogs was triggered when wolves caught a whiff of the delicious aroma of grilled mammoth wafting out of a cave and decided to move in. So far, nobody has given any credence to this idea of mine. In fact, there’s a raw-dog-food movement that suggests dogs shouldn’t eat cooked food at all, and especially not the chemical-laden “by-products” found in cans. As for kibble — even the better brands are mostly grains, which aren’t a natural food for carnivores. 

Sherry Ralph, wife of the gentleman at Adams who gave me the dog food sample, is a raw-diet proponent who has fed it to her own dogs for 15 years (she breeds German Shepherds) and launched Sirius with her husband and brother last year. She creates nutritious foods that resemble what dogs would eat if they still lived in the wild, which would include the bones, organs and stomach contents of whatever they hunted. 

raw dog food

The food is made with human-grade chicken, turkey and beef raised with no hormones or antibiotics. It contains fresh vegetables, but no grains, soy, preservatives, fillers, chemicals or by-products. Meats are from local farms and are certified organic, grass-fed or free range — just like the stuff I buy for us. Sherry grinds the food in small batches and immediately freezes it.

My sample — beef, chicken frames (aka carcasses), beef heart, liver, sweet potato, carrots, zucchini, romaine lettuce, spinach, cilantro, parsley, ginger root and garlic — looked and smelled so tasty, I was tempted to try it myself, something I have never experienced in opening a can of Alpo. I’m sure if they could talk, Jazz and Tulip, my beloved mutts, would offer their hearty endorsement. They inhaled it.

Sirius’s raw blends — beef, turkey, chicken or a mix — come frozen in one-, two-, and four-pound packages. You can buy them at Adams, at some pet supply and feed stores in the mid-Hudson, or directly from Sirius, who will even deliver a month’s supply to your door.

Check the Web site (www.siriusrawdogfood.com) for more information and to find out how to wean your dog from kibble onto the natural diet of his ancestors. In a New York Times article about raw-food diets, owners claimed it gave their dogs a better coat, sweeter breath, and cured everything from allergies and dandruff to diabetes. 

I rarely eat junk food, so why feed it to my dogs?

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