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Recipe: Warm Your Winter Blues With This Beer-Infused Chili


There’s nothing like a warm bowl of chili on a frigid winter’s day. If single-digit temperatures are bringing you down, you can now brew up a simmering pot of Mighty Quinn BBQ’s brand new Mighty Texas Red Chili right in your own home.

“Chili is the quintessential winter comfort food, says pitmaster Hugh Mangum. “I love this particular recipe because it incorporates Founders Porter Beer which provides a rich and silky base for the chili featuring strong chocolate and caramel flavors. You get the bite of the spices and chili, with the sweetness from the Porter for a punch of flavor in every bite. The pork rinds are also great to scoop up the chili for a crunchy bite.”

Mangum teamed up with the Grand Rapids-based brewery Founders Beer in October to launch the new menu item at all ten of Mighty Quinn’s New York and New Jersey locations. To whip up your own batch, just follow the recipe below.


Mighty Texas Red Chili by Hugh Mangum


5 lbs beef stew meat
3 lbs ground pork
3-4 onions
1 tbsp cumin
15 cloves garlic
1 tbsp cayenne
10 jalapenos, halved
2-4 scallions, chopped
2 lbs plum tomatoes, diced
15 dried ancho chiles
3 dried New Mexico chiles
2 16 oz bottles of Founders Porter Beer
3 oz bitter sweet chocolate
1 cup corn flour
1 bag Pork rinds



1. Brown the beef stew meat and ground pork in a large stockpot.

2. Chop onions and add to stockpot, sweating the onions in the process.

3. Add the cumin, garlic, cayenne, jalapenos and plum tomatoes to a food processor, blending until smooth. Once blended, add to stockpot.

4. Seed and puree the ancho chiles and New Mexico chiles in a food processor until smooth, and add to stockpot.

5. Add the Founders Porter Beer and chocolate to the stockpot and simmer for 3-4 hours.

6. After simmering for 3-4 hours and once the meat is tender, make a slurry with 2 quarts of water and the corn flour. Add to the pot while stirring and blending the mix in. Simmer an additional 20-30 minutes.

7. Serve with crunchy pork rinds and chopped scallions.


Photos courtesy Mighty Quinn’s BBQ | Wagstaff Worldwide

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