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Office of Business Assistance Forms Basis for Bright Future


Orange County’s Office of Business Assistance, headed by Deputy County Executive James O’Donnell, stands as the coordinating mechanism for all local job creation initiatives. As a “one-stop” economic development tool, this office works in cooperation with the Industrial Development Association (IDA), the Orange County Business Accelerator, the Orange County Chamber of Commerce and the Orange County Partnership to attract and retain businesses.

As County Executive Ed Diana noted in his 2011 State of the County Address, “The future of Orange County will only be brighter if we have enough good paying jobs for our citizens. Job creation and retention are paramount to our sustainability as a thriving County.” In 2010, Orange County retained more than 400 jobs, added nearly 600 new jobs for county residents, and received in excess of $80 million dollars in capital investments. Companies such as Kolmar Laboratories, Array Optronix, Taylor Biomass, C&S Grocers, Shortline/Coach USA and Satin Foods either recommitted, expanded or opened new operations in Orange County in 2010.

For more information, see the “Business Resources” section, and also go online to www.HVmag.com