NY Can Have Its Sunday-Morning Beer

The life of a craft brewer (and drinker) in New York State is about to become less restricted.

In a continuing effort to bolster New York State’s economy, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced legislation last week that modernizes the 80-year-old Alcoholic Beverage Control Law. The agreement, struck between Cuomo and several Senate and Assembly leaders, is focused on the craft beverage industry and will ultimately simplify regulations across the board. That includes allowing alcohol to be sold earlier on Sundays, adding common-sense provisions that will broaden retail sales, and reducing added fees for state breweries, wineries, distilleries, and cideries.

Tommy Keegan, founder and brewmaster at Keegan Ales in Kingston, is just one local businessperson excited about this agreement. In fact, Keegan—who was forced to moved production to Connecticut to avoid New York’s restrictions—assures that, “With the new laws, I plan on moving everything back to Kingston and brewing all of my beers locally again.”

And with any luck, the new measures will continue luring additional beverage producers to our area. After all, there’s always more room at Hudson Valley‘s annual Burger and Beer Bash

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