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New York Increases Fines for Texting While Driving


Texting and driving fines and penalties have increased for citizens throughout New York State, which means drivers in the Hudson Valley should be more conscious than ever about the risks related to sneaking a peek at their smart phones while behind the wheel.

All of the maximum fines for texting and driving were increased by $50. For a first offense, the maximum fine went from $150 to $200; the maximum fine for a second offense is now $250; and a third offense, and all subsequent offenses from then on, can carry a fine of $450.

License suspensions and revocations have also doubled. The mandatory license or permit suspension that comes with being convicted shot up from 60 days under the old rules to 120 days. A second conviction now results in a revocation of one year, a doubling of what was only six months under the old rules.

Citations for texting and driving will remain at five violation points, and all minimum penalties have stayed the same. See all the changes to on the Safe NY Web site here.