This Newburgh Nail Salon Adds Serious Polish With Dazzling Press-Ons

Photos courtesy of Amber Wilson

Nail Wig Stroke Effects in Orange County offers a unique experience for fashionistas and creatives alike with dazzling polish effects.

Have you ever wished you could get salon-level nails at home?

Charnin Brown-Hayward certainly did. She had a vision to change the way nail salons worked. In the traditional setup, personal creativity can only go so far when someone else is responsible for the designs. Plus, for pretty nails you’re forever reliant on in-person appointments.

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I wanted to design a space where customers could come to utilize their inner artistry with nail art in the form of glitters, chrome powders and additional embellishments more easily,” Brown-Hayward says. In thinking of this concept, Nail Wig Toppings Bar was formed.

Nail Wig’s self-serve stations were truly the first of their kind. Eliminating long waits and the difficult task of solidifying an appointment with a trusted stylist, these stations allowed for express service and complete freedom. Operating almost like a trendy frozen yogurt shop, stations were chock full of multicolored glitters, metallic foils, and other decorative embellishments.

Everything from Nail Wig can be mixed and matched for one-of-a-kind nails. Custom press-ons open the door for even more expression. Brown-Hayward views the changing “nail culture” as an opportunity to envision, design, and execute any variety of art onto fresh canvases — your nails.

Fifteen years in the nail and beauty industry granted Brown-Hayward with the right know-how to deliver something revolutionary. Her resume in product development includes high-profile brands like Sally Hansen, Borghese, and Elizabeth Arden Nail Care. As the Director of Product Development for Sandream Impact, she oversaw new color development of specialty pearlescent pigments. She is a specialist in color cosmetics and nail lacquer, offering insights for customers as well as the knowledge to develop her own nail products.

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Charnin Hayward-Brown, founder of Nail Wig Toppings Bar and its products

For younger people just getting into styling, Nail Wig is a starting point. New users won’t just learn how to properly decorate a nail, but will master the art of color-blending. Executing the right color proportions is an art, science, and mathematical formula all in one. These are skills Brown-Hayward hopes her clients can bring home with them.

When COVID-19 briefly sidelined all in-store services, she took her concept to another level in the Hudson Valley. “Isolation and stillness due to the pandemic allowed me to creatively focus on transitioning the concept for Nail Wig Toppings Bar into a product line,” she says. “With at-home nail products on the rise, I felt a need to bridge the gap between nail salons and over the counter bought nail color.”

Enter Nail Wig Stroke Effects. 

This line of gel polish brings all of the nail bar’s resources to your home. Five varieties of glitters, pigments, and powders elevate Stroke Effects from simple nail polish to a spectrum of effects. With the only limitations being your own artistic vision, you have 36 possible shades at your disposal. A myriad of combinations produce a large range of sparkle and shimmer that dramatically alter the look of base colored manicured nails.

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There are built-in applicators for Chrome and “Glo” effects. You can sprinkle glitter directly from a bottle onto your nails or use a pen styler to create a marble pattern. No matter what the vision, everything can be done from the comfort of your own living room.

Glo Effects line

It means a lot for Hayward-Brown to contribute to the Newburgh fashion community. Whether Stroke Effects are used at home or in new developing businesses, they’re designed for everyone. Originally from New York City, Hayward-Brown watched the area grow and change, and saw how the city’s emerging philosophy toward art and culture reflected her own.

“Newburgh is a melting pot of culture,” she says. “ I see its fashion and style being mixed, therefore catering to one’s own personality and personal style.”

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