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Marist College’s Dining Hall Ranks 13th on “Best in North America” List


It looks like there’s a little magic in the air (or at least, in the food) at Marist College: The Poughkeepsie school came in 13th place on Spoon University’s list of the 36 Best Dining Halls in North America. Listed among the likes of Boston University (1), Georgetown (6), Syracuse (19), and several Ivy League schools, Red Foxes compared their cafeteria to the “Great Hall” from Harry Potter. (As a Marist student who admittedly doesn’t know much about Hogwarts, that still sounds pretty awesome to me.)

Our dining hall might not have a flashy name (considering it’s the only one on campus), but the recent renovations that added a sushi bar, an international foods-themed station, and a salad bar allows it to renounce the stereotype of typical college food being unhealthy — although Cupcake Tuesdays remain the most popular day on campus.

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