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#IPADay, the Hudson Valley Way


Sure, #IPADay, why not? It started two years ago as a grassroots social-media/viral concept, and now vies for its place among the pantheon of milestone American calendar occasions like #NationalHotDogDay and #NationalFrenchFryDay. (Hashtag or it isn’t real.) If you want more info on where you can spend your Thursday evening floating through hops heaven, click here. Then, toggle back over to this tab so you can scan the below roundup of superlative, bottled-and-canned India Pale Ales brewed right here in the Hudson Valley (and click here for how to pick up the best dank, Westchester-made variations) in the event that a trip to the store or brewery to-go will suffice. After all, it is a school night. L’chaim. 


Smart Beer Organic IPA
We’re tired of the double standard that organic is a stamp of quality for produce but somehow stigmatized when it comes to beer. And also tired after drinking a six-pack of Smart Beer’s IPA. But we’ll never tire of what these guys are brewing.


Rushing Duck Brewing Company Baby Elephant IPA

It was our top-rated IPA in last year’s Best of Hudson Valley voting. ‘Nuff said. But let us just say this: Go and get your growler now. Chester awaits.


Bacchus Ad Infinitum Double IPA
Granted, you’ll likely need to schlep to New Paltz to get this big-ABV favorite in bottle form, but if we say it’s just about the best there is, then fill up the tank and head north. Or south, east, or west, depending on where you’re starting.