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These Are the Hudson Valley’s Public High Schools by Rank


Wondering how your high school compares to other academic institutions in the Hudson Valley? Here are the official rankings.

*Junior/Senior High School

Methodology: Data was collected on the high schools in seven counties: Dutchess, Columbia, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, and Ulster. Most of the data was collected from the New York State Department of Education or U.S. News & World Report. For any missing data points, we used previous years’ data or the weighted average of the non-missing data, wherever possible. Once the data was collected and cleansed, we compared each high school’s data points to the overall average for all of the schools. We then applied a percentage weight to the standardized value for each school to create an aggregate “score” for each school. Then, the high schools were ranked based on that statistical score. Not all of the data columns in the accompanying chart were factored into the rankings.

About Our Expert: George Recck is the director of the Math Resource Center and a senior lecturer at Babson College. He has many years of experience in information technology and statistical education. He is also the founder of Total Information, Inc., a consulting firm the provides a range of information services to small businesses. Recck also serves as the Chair of the Business Analytics and Statistics Education special interest group of the American Statistical Association.