How to Spring-Clean Your Wardrobe

You need not wage war on your wardrobe in order to successfully clean out your closet. Here’s how to do it in seven (easy) steps

The arrival of spring is the perfect time to refresh and revamp your wardrobe. While it’s always fun to shop the newest fashion trends, it can be a good idea to assess your own closet first. So many things can get lost or forgotten in a year (or more, depending on when you did your last closet clean out). This is the season to figure out what you love — and what is just not working anymore. That way, you can ditch the clutter and make room for your future shopping finds.

Step 1: Empty your closet

This may seem unnecessary, but it makes a huge difference. Toss all your clothes on the floor or bed so that they’re out of your closet and in one place. Now you can also straighten out your hangers and update your storage solutions.

Step 2: Designate four sections

  1. Keep: This is for any items that are 100% keepers. You have no doubt about them; they look great and they are in perfect condition.
  2. Repair and Alter: Put any items here that need a hole mended, a button added, or a hem altered. Also, if you have a dress that would look better as a skirt or a pair of pants that would work well as capris, set them here. Whether you do the repair yourself or take a trip to the tailor to fix the pieces for you, make sure you have a spot for these pieces.
  3. Give Away: Clothing that makes it into this pile should be anything you don’t like or don’t wear but is still in good condition. If you haven’t worn a piece in over a year or if you bought something and realized you weren’t as in love with it as you thought you were, send it to this pile. These items are perfect for a consignment store, where you can get money for your donations. Another option is to host a swap party with friends, in which everyone brings a bag of clothes and accessories to exchange with others.
  4. Donate: These are the pieces that are too worn or damaged to qualify for the “Give Away” pile. Stained T-shirts and tired pants should get sent here. These items are perfect for the Salvation Army or clothing drives. If you need rags for around the house, you can tear up a few old shirts and repurpose them for cleaning, too.

Step 3: Sort your clothing

Now is the time to tackle the monster. Go through the pile piece by piece and send everything into one of the four piles above. The end goal is to have everything sorted into definite categories. Try to remain objective when you look at your clothing. Don’t worry about holding onto the dress you wore to that special concert or the blouse you bought for your first date — if it doesn’t work for you any longer, it should go. As a tip, it can be a good idea to try everything on when you’re deciding what to keep, especially if you haven’t worn something in a while. It might not fit how you remember it did the last time you tried it on.

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Now you have space for all those beautiful, colorful spring and summer clothes!


Step 4: Put your “Keep” clothing back

Once you have decided what you still love and want to continue wearing, place everything back in your closet in an organized way. Although the ultimate organization style is up to you, some good ideas include sorting by color, style, or season. Not only will your closet look great, but it will also be easy for you to find whichever pieces you need.

Step 5: Tackle your “Repair and Alter” pile

If you still like something that is damaged, make sure to get your repairs done. Holes and buttons can be sewn so quickly that there’s really no excuse to put these projects off. If you have more serious alterations planned, take a trip to the tailor so that you can revamp the pieces you already own.

Step 6: Get rid of your “Give Away” items

Whether you have a swap party at home or bring all your clothes to a consignment store, make sure you get this pile out of the house. These are the items that are still technically usable, so it can be tempting to dig back into them. It’s best to get rid of them and move on so you can focus on the clothes you really do love.

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Step 7: Drop off your “Donate” pile

Put all your rejects into a plastic bag and bring it to the nearest clothing drop box, Salvation Army, or clothing drive. You’ll get rid of your old clothes and give them to people who really need them.

That’s it! Follow these steps and you will be on your way to a cleaner, more streamlined closet. Not only will your clothes be more organized, but you will also have room for new purchases. Let us know if you follow this checklist or if you have any advice of your own in the comments section below.

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