Do You Know When New York Actually Ended Slavery?

When did New York State officially end slavery? As a look into the past illustrates, that’s actually harder to answer than you might think.

A Timeline of the Revolutionary War in the Hudson Valley

How much do you know about the history of the Revolutionary War in the Hudson Valley? Learn about the events that shaped our nation.

Looking Back on the Origins of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie

Learn how Matthew Vassar went from brewery owner to businessman to founder of Vassar College in the Hudson Valley.

Looking Back at Samuel Morse and the Telegraph in the Hudson Valley

We rewind to May 1844, the year in which former Poughkeepsie resident Samuel Morse first demonstrated his telegraph system.

Stoutridge Distillery and Winery Does Chakra-Inspired Absinthe

Stoutridge Distillery in Marboro uses wooden pot stills, Ayurvedic herbs, and ultra-pure steam to craft an assortment of absinthes.
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A Look Back at Sybil Ludington’s Historic Hudson Valley Ride

With all due respect to Paul Revere, the most famous midnight rider in American history may have been a teenage girl named Sybil Ludington.

Where Did Poughkeepsie Get Its Name?

Explore the hyper-local history behind Poughkeespie's unique name— along with a few of the 42 potential titles for this Dutchess County city.

Catherine Schuyler: A Force in the Hudson Valley During the Revolution

Otherwise known as Alexander Hamilton’s mother-in-law, Schuyler proved indispensable to the Valley during the 1700s.

Visit These Hudson Valley Sites to Celebrate Women’s History

Visit these local spots to learn about the lives and achievements of the Hudson Valley women who helped to shape the nation.

Taking a Look Back at Sojourner Truth’s Legacy in the Hudson Valley

Before she became one of the nation's most celebrated freedom fighters, Sojourner Truth got her start in Ulster County.
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