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1972 Flashback: Fun Facts About Hudson Valley’s Founding Year


Did you know that Hudson Valley magazine got its start in 1972? Here’s what else you may not have known about the memorable year.

Gas: 55¢ per gallon
NYSBA Tolls: 50¢
« In the news: The VW Beetle overtakes the Ford Model T as the world’s best-selling car in 1972.

fountain soda

Price of a greeting card: 25¢-35¢
Fancy greeting card: 60¢
Candy bar: 25¢
Cigarettes: 50¢ per pack
Soda (from a fountain): 35¢ »

digital watch

Top movie: The Godfather
Movie ticket: $1.75
Hit TV show: M*A*S*H
Hit song: American Pie
« Technology news: Digital watches introduced

richard nixon

NYS minimum wage: $1.85/hour
National average income: $11,859
President: Richard Nixon »
Presidential scandal: Watergate

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