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The Truth About Juice: Simply Orange Juice a Product of Algorithm Processing


So this week I was planning on blogging about getting the toddler out of diapers at night — okay, really it was going to be more of a “Who can tell me how to get the toddler out of diapers at night?” sorta thing. But then this morning I received an email from a friend with a link to this article about orange juice (from The Atlantic Wire: “Who Wants a Nice Tall Glass of Coca-Cola’s Algorithmic Orange Juice?”) and it just has to be shared.

I’m sure most of you know Simply Orange juice. What you may not know (I certainly didn’t) is that it’s owned by Coca Cola. And while it may not be from concentrate, it is almost guaranteed to contain year-old juice, as it’s the product of algorithm processing. (Algorithm processing ensures that each bottle, no matter the time of year, tastes exactly the same.) It’s the Big Mac of orange juice. It’s as processed (if not more so) than most junk food on the shelves. It’s gross.

If you’re not already hip to the fact that juice is not the health food it’s touted to be (even the organic kind is just sugar, sugar, sugar), this nasty little fun fact should set you straight. When it comes to the things we put in our (and our kids’) bodies, whole is the way to go. To quote the aforementioned article: “In conclusion, if you want that freshly squeezed orange juice experience, buy a juicer.”

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