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Pedal to the Metal at Hudson Valley Spin Studios



Let’s be clear: spinning is not biking. Yes, both involve a wheel, handlebars, and a whole lot of pedaling. Yet unlike exercise on outdoor or stationary bikes, fitness on spin machines is a whole separate wheelhouse (pun most definitely intended).

According to Shape magazine, a standard ride on a spin bike can burn up to 12 calories a minute, a much higher number than the 2-4 calories per minute for recumbent and standard bikes.

It should come as no surprise, then, that such workouts are more than a little grueling. High-energy instructors? Check. Heart-pumping tunes? You betcha. Sweat? More than you can imagine!

Maybe it’s because of this challenge (and the major confidence boost that comes with it) that spin studios are popping up left and right in the Hudson Valley. Here are a few to get you into gear this season.



Bad Ass Fitness Guilderland


In case the name wasn’t enough of an indication, Bad Ass doesn’t play around when it comes to getting fit. Prior cycling experience is recommended for workshops, which focus on technique. If you think you’re up to speed, go for the T-FiTT, a 50-minute course that uses a bike and exercise bands to work you into overdrive.


The Revolution

Albany, Clifton Park, Loudonville

The largest indoor cycling venue in upstate New York, The Revolution’s Albany location is a must for anyone who wants to try out spin for the first time. According to the studio’s website, an average class burns anywhere from 400 to 600 calories. Get moving in Rhythm Revolution, a 45-minute course designed to help riders find their beat, or challenge yourself to HIIT Rev, a test-your-limits class that begins with 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training on the bike followed by five minutes of HIIT on the floor.


Total Ryder in Motion


Owner Darcie Williams helps riders engage their core and burn more calories at her Albany fitness center. Visitors who want to work their abs will love the Core Ryde, a 45-minute ride followed by 15 minutes of core strengthening off the bike. For a music-centric session, the Music Video Ryde is a must. It’s an energizing ride set to the tune (and the video) of all your favorite songs.



KS Fitness and Performance


Not just a spin studio, the hybrid boot camp, spin, and personal training studio is ideal for anyone who wants the option of high intensity strength, spin-style cardio, or dynamic yoga and Zumba courses. Classes run $15 for drop-in sessions or $120 for a set of 10.



Spin tonight with @rachaelrose528 at 5:30, this girl knows how to get you pumped 💪ðŸ½

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Lyf Fitness


Located right in Hudson, Lyf Fitness is a must for anyone who loves spin and TRX. Drop-in classes run $20, while packages of five cost $75. If you crave the feel of a traditional spin class without the long-term commitment of a gym, Lyf is the place for you.




Book a bike & CELEBRATE with us! #beonthebike #indoorcycling #sidebysideweride #hudsonvalleyfitness

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Beyond the Bike

Hopewell Junction

Yes, Beyond the Bike is a cycling studio. It’s also way more than that, thanks to Bluetooth compatible bikes, onsite showers, and even babysitting services. With an aim to make fitness accessible for everyone, the Hopewell locale hosts classes that range from the timely Cycle Express 30 to the early morning Cycle 45, which kicks off at 5:30 a.m. sharp. No matter what your busy schedule looks like, Beyond the Bike has a solution for you.


Fitness Fusion

Red Hook

For an all-in-one experience, head to Red Hook’s Fitness Fusion. The comprehensive exercise center offers yoga, boot camps, and, of course, cycling classes for anyone who wants to get in shape in the Hudson Valley. Pedal to good health in the 45-minute cycle session, which includes a welcome 15 minutes of stretching and foam rolling, or go for the no-frills 45-minute RealRyder cycle segment when you need a full-body workout that gets your heart rate up in a beat.



The Studio @ Beacon


On the hunt for the boutique exercise experience of NYC sans the competitive environment? Head to The Studio @ Beacon for a Hudson Valley spin on specialized fitness in Dutchess County. Whether you go for the standard 45-minute bike ride or switch it up with the 50-minute Bikes & Bags class (great for anyone who wants to practice bag and mitt work), you’ll be ready to refuel with a drink from the onsite smoothie bar by the time the music stops.



The Wheel House


In case the name didn’t give you enough of a hint, The Wheel House is a mecca for all things spin in Dutchess County. With classes that vary from the high cardio Ride45 to the toning Spin & Sculpt, the Poughkeepsie studio has something for every type of fitness fan. Drop in for a $20 class to test the waters, then upgrade to the $149 unlimited monthly membership.



Ayo Fitness


If you crave fitness with a dash of fun, hit up Ayo Fitness in Middletown for workouts that range from boot camps to dance to everything in between. On the spin spectrum, the cycle remix classes are the way to go. They combine traditional cycling, cardio, and core work into each session to work the whole body during intense 60-minute blocks.




With a boutique studio feel and a serious commitment to fitness, FitCycology is ideal for anyone trying to find time to ride amid a packed schedule of to-dos. Not only does the Monroe spot offer a number of class times (think mornings and evenings), but it also varies class themes. Morning birds will love the challenging Ride & Shine course, while boot camp fiends will be all over the HIIT Me Up! sweat session. Bring a towel – you’ll need it!




Cyclers we have a new stage!! Come check it out tonight at 7pm with Shanna

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Cold Spring Fitness

Cold Spring

Cold Spring Fitness bring all sorts of on-trend exercise to Putnam County, including barre fusion, battle ropes, and boxing. The spin classes are not to be missed. Try something new with the mixed battle rope and spin class, which involves seven-minute intervals of both exercises, or go for the reliable Cycle 45. Either way, you’ll be drenched by the time you leave.






With a combined focus on fitness and wellness, Anatomie helps spinners improve their physical and mental being. As far as classes go, keep it classic with Cycle, the studio’s signature course that integrates serious cardio with killer tunes. If you’re looking for something a little less intense, opt for Ride + Flow, a 30-minute cycle session followed by 30 minutes of yoga to target core strengthening and hip opening.



Body Bank Fitness

New City

For a major burn in Rockland County, make your way to New City’s Body Bank Fitness. Motivating group classes spin to the tune of hits from the 70s to today. Instructors bring high energy to the hardcore sessions, which challenge riders with hills, sprints, and serious burnout sessions.




Mac Fitness


Although Mac is more of a gym than a dedicated spin studio, it deserves a mention for the fair number of cycling classes it offers during the week. All sessions are 60 minutes and range in time from early bird 5:45 a.m. slots to post-work 5:30 p.m. courses.

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