How to Run Properly and Avoid Injury in the Hudson Valley

Jogging is a great way to stay fit, but improper form or overtraining can put serious strain on your joints when you run.

How to Maintain Oral Health, According to Hudson Valley Dentists

Sure, you exercise and eat right. But are you paying attention to your oral health? Hudson Valley dentists sound off on what you need to know.

4 Steps to Prepare for Heart-Pumping Hudson Valley Workouts

Hudson Valley trainers share their expert advice on proper rest, stretching, and other important pre-workout techniques.

Mixed Martial Arts Studios for Serious Fitness in the Hudson Valley

Change up your Hudson Valley fitness routine with intense training and engaging workouts at these mixed martial arts (MMA) gyms.

How to Handle Spring Allergies in the Hudson Valley

As if worrying about winter’s many viruses wasn’t enough, many of us now have to contend with upcoming spring allergies.
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5 Warming Winter Spa Treatments in the Hudson Valley

Ready to shake off the winter chill? Get warm and glowing these season with a luxurious trip to a Hudson Valley spa.

5 Ways to Stay Fit in Super Cold Hudson Valley Weather

As temperatures hit their lowest of the season, we asked a local fitness guru to share tactics for dealing with ultra-cold climates.

The Winter Superfoods to Add to Your Diet in the Hudson Valley

'Tis the season for sniffles and sneezes! Fuel your body with these winter superfoods to stay healthy in the Hudson Valley.

Stress Less With These Tips From Hudson Valley Experts

Self-care is so 2023! When everyday pressures mount up, try these strategies to get your mind—and mood—back on track.

Here’s How to Keep Your Feet Frostbite-Free This Winter

A Hudson Valley podiatrist shares eight essential tips to keep those toes toasty when the temperatures drop below freezing.
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