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Meet Mama Greenest!


It’s good to be green, and for many Valleyites, maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle is practically second nature. But if you’re blessed with little ones (let’s be clear: we’re talking those lean, mean, anti-green machines some call children), how can you put your best foot forward in the environmental movement — without tracking (carbon) footprints all over the place?

Meet our newest blogger and mommy-to-be, Shannon Gallagher. In her blog Mama Greenest, Shannon explores the latest organic products, relevant reads, and natural (and sometimes unconventional) practices that are healthiest for you, your baby, and your planet.

Want to know more?

Read Shannon’s first entry, “Welcome to Mama Greenest,” or catch up on all of her posts here. And don’t forget to lend your own experiences or eco-conscious practices in the comments boxes below each post.

Remember, a happy Earth equals happy people — and happy babies!


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