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Letter From a Non-Vaccinating Mom in Need of a Doctor


Dear Mama Greenest:
Can you please help me find a doctor or pediatrician who doesn’t require vaccines? I have been asked to leave two practices and many places say right on their Web site they will not accept a patient who doesn’t vaccinate.
Thank you so much,
A Non-Vaccinating Mom in Need of a Doctor


Dear Non-Vaccinating Mom,

So sorry you’ve had that experience! It’s a shame that any parent should be discriminated against for a well-meaning, well-researched choice they are making for their child. Dr. Joseph Malak of Bambini Pediatrics in Poughkeepsie is who we see. He is very natural-minded and so extremely supportive of not vaccinating. I also love that he recommends homeopathy, chiropractic, dietary adjustments, or natural remedies when sickness or behavioral concerns arise.

Coraline’s first doctor was Dr. Lauren Vigna at First Care Family Practice in Highland. She is also supportive of not vaccinating and alternative health preferences, and is a super sweet and sunny person to boot. We switched to Dr. Malak only because Dr. Vigna stopped accepting our insurance.

If any mamas out there know of other doctors in the Valley who are supportive of the choice to not vaccinate, let us know. Good luck!

Mama Greenest

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