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Green Baby Bargains


The worst thing about being “green” is having to spend the green. Earth-friendly products tend to be significantly more expensive than conventional brands, a fact which can deter many would-be green shoppers, especially those with children. (Why pay $45 for an organic cotton onesie that baby will wear twice and mess all over both times?) Well, if money is no object you say, “That organic cotton onesie is safe and sustainable and my baby deserves nothing less.” If money is an object (which, let’s be honest, it is for most of us these days), you say, “My baby deserves that, but I must draw the line somewhere.”

It’s understandable; I myself have made many a concession in the face of unmanageable expense. You just have to prioritize and go from there. But sometimes, the Little Green Lifestyle Fairy throws you an organic bone (or two), like Web sites that offer primo green baby products at an absolute steal. Sign up at Green Baby Bargains or Eco-Baby Buys and receive daily emails featuring their sale item of the day — everything from organic clothes and Charlie’s Soap to stylish diaper bags and wooden toys — at up to 65 percent off regular retail price.

Good for your conscience and your wallet!

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