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8 CBD and Hemp Goodies to Soothe Your Senses in the Hudson Valley

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The wellness trend pops up across the Hudson Valley in the form of delicious snacks, soothing massage oils, and handcrafted honey.

By Sabrina Sucato and Raphael Beretta

With the recent news of marijuana legalization in New York, popularity of CBD products is at an all-time high.

While CBD, or cannabidiol, is related to tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC or the high-inducing compound in cannabis, it’s not quite the same thing. Unlike THC, CBD does not lead to the “stoned” symptoms for which leafy drug is known. According to Project CBD, a non-profit educational news service, the alternative compound actually has significant therapeutic properties that can lessen or neutralize the psychoactive effects of THC.

While CBD is an increasingly popular aid for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and inflammation, it’s also hot stuff in everything from makeup and skincare to snacks and supplements. In the Hudson Valley, local makers have jumped on the wellness trend, infusing CBD into chocolate, lotions, gummies, and more. Here are a few hot options on the market right now:

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Blood Orange Tincture

Hudson Valley CBD

With a focus on all things CBD, Hudson Valley CBD’s specialty is most definitely its range of tinctures, which are designed to improve stress management and focus and provide relief from anxiety. Because the tinctures are orally ingested, flavor is key here. That’s why the brand offers a range of tastes, including melon, peppermint, and spearmint, to help the medicine go down, so to speak. Hudson Valley CBD also retails pain salves and lotion to cater a variety of wellness needs.

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CBD Bites


Keeping in line with Cocorau’s commitment to clean, nutritious eating, the Hudson Valley brand brings only the best flavors to its CBD Bites, which utilize organic CBD from Hudson. Also in the raw bites are raw almond, cacao paste, cacao butter, honey, coconut oil, Himalayan salt, and vanilla. Clean to the tee, the bites are a healthy way to “indulge” without loading up on extra sugar and are completely dairy-, gluten-, soy-, and sugar-free. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that their high antioxidant content is great for lowering blood pressure and promoting cardiovascular health.

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Full Spectrum Hemp Sleep Cream

Rad Soap Co.

Based out of Albany, Rad Soap Co. is the coolest natural suds brand in the Capital Region. In addition to its signature selection of beauty and body bars, the company also specializes in full spectrum hemp skincare treats. Test out the soothing Sleep Body Cream, a body lotion that contains 200 mg of full spectrum hemp extract, before bed to sleep soundly and wake up moisturized and glowing.

Recess seltzer

Photo provided by Recess

Hemp-Infused Water


Produced in the Hudson Valley (shout-out to More Good’s manufacturing facility in East Fishkill), Recess is perhaps the prettiest CBD product to hit the Hudson Valley market thus far. We know it’s kind of an odd way to describe flavored water, but the cans are too chic not to notice. Inside the containers, you’ll find a mix of calming hemp extract, focusing ginseng, soothing L-theanine, and mood-boosting lemon balm. As for the sippable flavors, you can’t go wrong with blackberry chai, coconut lime, or pomegranate hibiscus.

CBD Infused Honey

Woods & Meadow

A woman-led business in Dutchess County, Woods & Meadow prioritizes natural healing with a local mindset. It sources hemp from New York State in order to maintain its commitment to local production. Plus, it sets up shop at Greig Farms’ SoHu-SOuth of HUdson marketplace. As for what to try, the CBD-infused honey produces the perfect calming buzz after a long, stressful week. Flavors like orange blossom, clover, and seasonal wildflower are perfect on toast or in an herbal tea.

CBD Massage Oil

Hempire State Growers

Also a woman-led collective in the Hudson Valley, Hempire State Growers truly has “The People’s Plant.” Gail and Amy Hepworth of Hepworth Farms, one of the largest organic tomato producers in the Northeast, added CBD products to their repertoire. The co-op of local farmers grow hemp that is used in balms, lotions, capsules, and more. CBD helps to reduce inflammation and soothes muscles, and works particularly well in the Hempire State Growers CBD Massage Oil.

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CBD Gummies

The Leaf NY

Just off Main Street in Beacon near gorgeous waterfall views and delicious eats sits The Leaf NY. With a wide selection of product options, there truly is something for everyone here. From tinctures to muscle creams and pet treats to fine teas, this Dutchess County company continues to find new ways of offering CBD treatment. Its gummy candies are especially enjoyable and come in “Day Time” and “Night Time” varieties. Green tea extract provides a subtle caffeine boost in “Day Time,” while the addition of CBD in “Night Time” can help with sleep.

The Hemp Division

Harney & Sons Fine Teas

In a list of iconic Hudson Valley businesses, Harney & Sons would come near the top. This Millerton-based producer of extremely high-quality teas started an entire product-line for CBD-infused beverages and other goods. The maple nitro and pure black CBD iced coffees are delicious, but the showstoppers are exotic tea flavors like green tea with monkfruit or turmeric ginger. Honey, ground coffee, and bath balls round out Harney & Sons’ other CBD products.

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