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Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives Film Screening November 2 at Fiber Flame Studio, Saugerties


October has been a rough month. I’ve been told it’s because of October 29th’s super powerful full moon. But if you don’t believe in that sort of thing, you can blame it on the weather. Which, by the time this posts, should be pretty interesting, thank you Sandy. Given the month I had, it seems only appropriate that it go out with a storm of epic proportions. I’ve never been so excited for November, which I hope will be the most uneventful month ever.

One thing in particular I’m looking forward to next month is the screening of Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives on Friday, November 2 at Fiber Flame in Saugerties. Sponsored by Illuminated Baby and Fiber Flame, the film screening will be followed by a panel discussion with local midwives and doulas, moderated by yours truly. The documentary tells the story of iconic midwife Ina May and how The Farm and her Farm Clinic came to be. For anyone who is passionate or curious about home births, it is not to be missed.

Seating is limited, so it is recommended you reserve a seat in advance. For ticket and location information, click here.

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