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Flashback 1972: Fun Facts and Statistics About the Year It All Began


Gas: 55¢ per gallon
NYSBA Tolls: 50¢
« In the news: The VW Beetle overtakes the Ford Model T as the world’s best-selling car

fountain soda

Price of a greeting card: 25¢-35¢
Fancy greeting card: 60¢
Candy bar: 25¢
Cigarettes: 50¢ per pack
Soda (from a fountain): 35¢ »

digital watch

Top movie: The Godfather
Movie ticket: $1.75
Hit TV show: M*A*S*H
Hit song: American Pie
« Technology news: Digital watches introduced

richard nixon

NYS minimum wage: $1.85/hour
National average income: $11,859
President: Richard Nixon »
Presidential scandal: Watergate

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