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Embrace Your Inner Hercules at Hudson Valley CrossFits



Whether it’s summertime or vacation time, there’s seemingly always a reason to get in shape. Pants don’t fit? Head to the gym. Ate too much over the weekend? Get ready to log the minutes on the treadmill.

Sometimes (read: whenever you’re bored of the elliptical), the gym just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you’re plateauing or maybe you’re just over the same ol’ same ol’ of your static workout routine. Either way, it’s time to switch things up.

Enter CrossFit. Unlike many cut-and-dry workout routines, CrossFit is not a fitness trend, but a lifestyle practice that combines diet and exercise. While the dietary program prioritizes clean eating, the high-intensity fitness component focuses on a variety of strength and aerobic exercises. The beauty of CrossFit for fitness lovers is that workouts change on a daily basis to push limits within the context of a supportive community. Although a somewhat unique approach, it guarantees you’ll leave the gym feeling satisfied with your workout and yourself.

Intrigued? Check out one of the local gyms that are popping up quicker than daisies in the Hudson Valley. When you’re out of breath and dripping more sweat than your t-shirt can possibly absorb, however, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Albany County



Albany CrossFit


What originally started as a Court Club in the late 1970s has morphed to become the Capital District’s first CrossFit gym. Nowadays, it is one of the only gyms in the region that offer courses like cycling, Pilates, and yoga to supplement its core CrossFit programming. Thanks to its history as a Court Club, Albany CrossFit also has sports like racquetball, squash, and handball available for silver and gold members. To top it all off, the space even has a rock-climbing wall. 


CrossFit Beyond


With the help of nine dedicated coaches, CrossFit Beyond strives to be inclusive. Whether it’s training Olympic athletes or grandparents, all are welcome at this gym. Discounted prices are available to families, students, military personnel, and teenagers. As for introductory classes, they’re offered monthly for anyone who wants to test the waters with the workout.



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CrossFit Shatter


While the name may sound terrifying, this gym is interested in strengthening more than just the body. Through challenging, boundary-pushing workouts, the Albany center seeks to promote mental fortitude as well. With this in mind, the yoga classes geared toward CrossFit athletes help achieve just that. Overall, CrossFit Shatter believes that gaining stamina, strength, power, and endurance will result in a healthier and happier version of you! 


CrossFit Spur


As one of Bethlehem area’s premier functional fitness facilities, CrossFit Spur prides itself on improving quality of life through fitness and community. Its goal is to focus on fitness outside of the gym in addition to inside it. This is possible through its WODHOPPER app, which can be installed on your phone and provides workout moves, a strength calculator, and an onsite class RSVP option.

Dutchess County



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Dutchess CrossFit

Wappingers Falls

With nearly 4,000 square feet of workout space, Dutchess CrossFit is the newest gym in Dutchess County.  Beginners to the sport will love the immersive six-class Kick Start program, while experienced attendees can dive right into sessions or work one-on-one with a coach to become your personal best.


CrossFit 845

Carmel, Poughkeepsie, Wappingers Falls

Like the name says, CrossFit 845 caters primarily to the 845 zip code area. At each of its locations – in Carmel, Poughkeepsie, and Wappingers Falls – leading CrossFit instructors are on hand for classes, bootcamp sessions, “Fit Over 50” instruction, and even youth lessons. At the Poughkeepsie spot, an onsite chiropractor and nutritional supplement store add to the wellness mentality. The Wappingers locale just moved across the street from its original location, but it will soon offer services from both a massage therapist and a nutrition and diet consultant, along with a nutritional supplement store as well.


Locomotive CrossFit 


At Locomotive CrossFit, coaches care about your fitness journey. Not only to they get to know each and every member who walks through the door, but they also prioritize individual fitness goals through group classes and personal training sessions.

Columbia County



Railroad CrossFit


If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all things fitness in the Hudson Valley, Railroad CrossFit in Hudson is the place to be. This 4,500-square-foot gym is fully equipped with eight climbing ropes, five rig stations, dumbbells, barbells, and so much more. After you wrap up the sweat session, head to the locker rooms and shower stalls to freshen up onsite.


Orange County



CrossFit New Windsor

New Windsor

The owners of this gym are CrossFit lovers who currently rank at CrossFit level two (intermediate to advanced). To help everyone achieve their health and fitness goals, they run them through burpees, cleans, rows, and more during the course of the high energy sessions. Sweating isn’t optional.


Orchard Valley CrossFit


In addition to its Olympic weightlifting and mobility classes, this gym offers a room for children that’s stocked with TV and toys and connected to the fitness center. In other words, fitness fans with kids can work out in peace without stressing about daycare options. 


Putnam County

Elite Progression


Elite Progression focuses heavily on individuality and on finding programs that best fit specific goals and needs. Members include a range of students, mothers, corporate employees, and military personnel. While Elite Progression individualizes its programs, the staff also believe that everyone who walks through Elite’s doors seeks the same thing: better health and fitness. To help achieve those goals, Elite prioritizes high intensity, constantly varied workouts, and a strong community.



OSA Fitness


While CrossFit might seem like an adult activity, it is open to all. In addition to OSA’s adult programs, it opens the world of CrossFit to kids as young as seven and teens. The gym offers a program that runs eight to 12 weeks and is taught under close supervision by a trained CrossFit kids’ coach. Enrollment for upcoming sessions is on a first come, first served basis, so be sure to sign up early if interested. 


Rockland County

CrossFit Momentum


Located in the heart of Rockland County, this gym offers weightlifting, momentum striking through mixed martial arts and boxing, and a warm community of passionate coaches. To see whether CrossFit Momentum is the gym for you, take advantage of its free week trial program. Following the seven-day session, coaches are available to discuss next steps to pursue personal or group classes.



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Rebel Fitness CrossFit


At Nanuet’s premier CrossFit facility, visitors can unleash their inner athlete. The center believes that every person has the potential to become a fitness all-star, if only with a little push. During the intensive classes, attendees can test their limits with training programs that fuse weightlifting, gymnastics, and sport conditioning to create an endless number of workouts. 


CrossFit Rockland


With a motto of “work hard, play hard,” CrossFit Rockland takes its commitment to fitness very, very seriously. Gym mode starts the minute members enter the door, thanks to the standing rule that visitors have to do 50 burpees if they forget to sign in during their session. From there, the Orangeburg facility is all about burnout activities like push-ups, pull-ups, and a whole lot of rowing.


Ulster County

Kingston Athletics


The first and only CrossFit gym in Kingston offers a variety of classes, including boot camp, yoga, group CrossFit, and personal training. Join the four-week Kick-Start program to begin the journey of fat loss, toning, and muscle building or stop by on Saturdays for a free class to test the CrossFit waters.



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CrossFit MidHudson


Located right off the Hudson Valley Rail Trail and the Walkover over the Hudson, this 3,500-square-foot gym has small group classes for personal coaching, kid and teen programs and camps, weightlifting classes, and nutritional counseling. The programming is designed by professional CrossFit athletes, which means that workouts are challenging, powerful, and bound to bring visible results. 


Westchester County

CrossFit Westchester

White Plains

At CrossFit Westchester, you will find real fitness waiting for you. From gymnastics, endurance, burn, and mobility classes to weightlifting, CrossFit Kids, nutrition coaching, and personal training, the White Plains center has something for everyone. As far as memberships go, it offers one-month, six-month, and 12-month unlimited programs along with select deals for couples and teachers. For individuals who want to attend sessions but don’t want to commit to a full membership, the ten-class punch pass may be the perfect option.



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CrossFit Mount Kisco

Mount Kisco

As the winner of the 2017 Best of Westchester Award for CrossFit gym, the Mount Kisco location features advanced trainers, hardcore workouts, and attendance by elite, competitive CrossFitters. Thanks to the gym’s community-minded approach, members continue to foster relationships even outside the space by participating in local fundraisers and 5K races for charity. 


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