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Camping App Tentrr Offers Outdoor Airbnbs in the Hudson Valley


In theory, camping sounds like a romantic ideal. Ditch the technology and take a break from work to explore the great outdoors. In reality, however, planning an outdoor overnight can turn into a disaster all too easily. Unlike hotels, campsites lack homey comforts like beds and heating. The slightest slip-up in packing can lead to mosquito bites, frigid nights, and other unsavory results that make the trip less of a vacation and more of a horror story.

Enter Tentrr. The free camping app, which launched in 2016, aims to provide an Airbnb-esque experience for individuals who want a stress-free sleep under the stars.

“I created Tentrr…because so many people (including myself) know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to access the great outdoors,” says CEO and founder Michael D’Agostino. According to him, more than 13,000 individuals have downloaded the iPhone app thus far. The website, which functions just as well as the app, receives 30,000 unique users each month.

Unlike the D.I.Y. alternative, Tentrr includes everything users need to camp in comfort. Each site on the app comes equipped with a tent, a queen-size cot, a five-gallon water container, an outdoor sun shower, and an outdoor camp toilet. As for dining, vacationers can take advantage of the stone fire pit, metal grill, and dry food storage before snacking away at the picnic table or outdoor lounge chairs.

“We provide an incredible outdoor experience that’s tailored to your interests and is as easy as booking an Uber to the airport,” D’Agostino declares.

If it sounds like a luxury experience, that’s because it is. What is more is that all Tentrr sites are situated within half an hour of outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and swimming. Talk about glamping at its finest.

As for the local connection, Tentrr’s reach extends throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond to locales like the Catskills and New England. App users can search for destinations by location and have the option to filter for accessibility, activities, features, and seclusion level.

Just as finding the perfect camping ground is a breeze, so too is listing land. Anyone with 10 or more acres of scenic, accessible property can fill out an application on Tentrr’s website. If approved, the company’s employees will visit to set up the campsite and provide landowners with hosting information and supplies. On top of that, owners earn 80 percent of the proceeds whenever their space is booked through the app.

“We have extremely popular sites all over the Hudson Valley and Catskills,” D’Agostino reveals. “We’ve found that a bigger indicator of campsite popularity is actually how active CampKeepers (ed. note: CampKeepers are the campground owners) are in adding extras. People will travel a little farther to have an experience that’s more unique to them.”

So if you’re itching to get outdoors for an au naturel Hudson Valley experience, consider planning a weekend on Tentrr. Camping has never sounded better.

Have you tried Tentrr yet? Comment below with your experience or email us at edit@hvmag.com.

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