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What We Wore: Warm Winter Neutrals


Winter in the Valley is always such a bummer… fashion-wise, that is. How are you supposed to stay chic and warm without turning into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? The key word is layers, friends, and we can’t think of a better person to demonstrate it than our office’s fashion-master, Christine!

WHEN: Monday, January 25, 2016

WHO’S WEARING IT: Sales Support Manager Christine Riebe

WHAT SHE WORE: Christine layers a trio of classic neutrals — beige, brown, and black — in a way that’s proportionate and not overwhelming, starting off with a simple black top and khaki pants. For extra warmth, she uses a chunky, ribbed sweater vest (FYI, these things are all the rage right now); the sleeveless option means it’s just as cozy, but not constrictive. A printed scarf ties together her top and pants, while heeled boots — in brown and black — incorporate the vest and top. If fashion had a yin and yang, this outfit would be it!

(Bonus points for rocking a color scheme that matched her hair’s lovely, chocolate hue!)

Like Christine’s look? Let her know in the comments section below! Browse through our photo gallery for more What We Wore photos.

christine riebe warm winter neutrals
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