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My Zen Den Is a Hub for Beauty and Wellness in Beacon


Celebrity makeup artist Alexandria Gilleo’s newest project combines relaxation and rejuvenating services in the Hudson Valley.

After being in the makeup business for more than a decade, Alexandria Gilleo, owner and founder of Bridal by Alexandria, has taken her knowledge of health and beauty and turned to a new venture: My Zen Den, a boutique wellness studio in Beacon.

My Zen Den offers services that boast both mental and physical benefits. As the first of its kind in Beacon, Gilleo intends for the studio to serve as a rejuvenating hub for the Hudson Valley community.

My Zen Den

Photo by Bula Media House

Upon entering, guests are immediately greeted by the heady scent of sage and palo santo. The raw wood furniture and shelves, potted succulents, and neutral walls provide a calming juxtaposition to busy East Main Street. Native American flute and Mayan drumming tracks — which Gilleo discovered on a healing experience in Tulum, Mexico — play softly in the background.

All of this is part of Gilleo’s plan for the utmost relaxation. When designing My Zen Den, she wanted guests to be transported to somewhere tropical, and for their senses to be awakened.

My Zen Den offers three main services: full-body red light therapy, an infrared sauna, and a meditation nook. Gilleo only allows one person in at a time, with the exception of purchasing a guest add-on, so visitors have the place to themselves for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to completely unplug and enjoy the heat emitted by either the medical-grade red light or the sauna.

Alexandria Gilleo

Making sure “Broadway Joe” Namath lives up to his nickname / Photo courtesy of Alexandria Gilleo

As a celebrity and bridal makeup artist, Gilleo’s work has been featured in Vogue, can be seen in beauty stores like Ulta and Sephora, and has taken her all over the world, working with clients such as actors Charlie Sheen and Paul Rudd, and sports stars Joe Namath and Ali Krieger. Ultimately, it was the pandemic that pushed her to open up a wellness studio near her home, and share her knowledge and services with the public.

“For our mental clarity [over] the past year, what everyone’s gone through, people need to just come, relax, and zen out, even if it’s for 30 minutes,” she says.

Alexandria Gilleo

Alexandria Gilleo opens her East Main Street door in Beacon. Photo by Bula Media House

My Zen Den is open seven days a week. To make an appointment, go to www.myzendenbeacon.com or call 845.232.1119. For more about Gilleo’s makeup and bridal businesses, go to www.alexandriagilleo.com.