5 Beach Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed in the Hudson Valley

Planning a trip to the shore? Of course you are—it's summertime! Pack these products to ensure your beach day trip is smooth sailing.

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Beach days can go one of two ways. They can be filled with sunshine, comfort, and relaxation, or they can be a persistent reminder of all the things you forgot to pack. The key is preparedness.

By now you know the importance of sunscreen, umbrellas, and beach chairs, of course. With a few small additions to your seaside starter pack, however, you can make any trip to the beach all the peachier. As we approach true-blue beach season in the Hudson Valley, here are five products we rely on to sail smoothly through our seaside day trips.

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Baby Powder

Beach essentials
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Life hack: Did you know that baby powder can be used to remove stubborn sand? After air-drying, simply sprinkle some baby powder on the afflicted areas; this will absorb any remaining moisture, making it easier to sweep the sand off your skin.

Facial Spray

This one might seem like a total splurge, but don’t knock it till you try it! While sunscreen helps to protect your skin from damage, many of us still leave the beach feeling dry in the face. From Evian, the French brand that brought you natural spring water with electrolytes, comes this hydrating spray that can refresh your skin and enliven your makeup.

Mini Folding Table

For those objects you don’t want to stick in the sand—your paperback, your beverage, your cell phone—pack this small, waterproof, corrosion- and heat-resistant, foldable table. Made of aluminum alloy, this table is a beach essential that comes in black, silver, blue, and brown.

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Portable Lock Box

It’s such a drag when one of your beach buddies has to stay behind to watch over everyone’s valuables. Avoid the issue entirely by investing in a portable lock box, where you can stuff cell phones, jewelry, wallets, and more. This box is nice and compact, perfect for an adventure to the shore.

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Towel Clips

Let us paint you a picture: You’re dozing off to the sound of ocean waves and seagull caws, on the precipice of sleep, when a light ocean breeze starts whipping your beach towel around. These towel clips are beach essentials that will come in handy throughout the day, whether to hold your town down, clamp it to your beach chair, or hang it to dry.

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