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5 Summery Things We're Eating and Drinking This June



Jerk Chicken at Café Sweet Spot

296 Main St, Poughkeepsie, 845.392.9900

“Not for the faint of heart” is how Café Sweet Spot describes this fiery menu item, which was so popular as a special it earned a permanent spot on the Poughkeepsie newcomer’s menu.

The jerk sauce and spice rub are crafted in house and adapted from a family recipe. A 36-hour marinade followed by 90 minutes on the smoker makes this chicken juicy and tender, with a burn so good you don’t mind if you lose a few taste buds in the process. 



Souper Chill Sundays at The Beverly

224 Foxhall Ave, Kingston, 845.514.2570

Ordinarily, when it’s soupy outside, a bowl of hot broth sounds…less than ideal. Not so at The Beverly! Finish off the weekend at this funky little lounge, where you can grab a soup and small side for just five bucks. And we’re not talking about a cup of undercover Campbell’s either — past specials have included chilled sweet pea with mint and coconut; black bean with kale, hominy, and a homemade tortilla; and chilled strawberry coconut soup with a pickled rhubarb and sugar snap pea salad.



Braised Pork Belly and Asparagus Risotto at Il Barilotto

1113 Main St, Fishkill, 845.897.4300

If you manage to snag a seat by the window at this spot on Main Street, you’ve got a wonderful evening ahead of you. Il Barilotto prides itself on highlighting modest flavors with modern techniques and favors a loose definition of Italian cuisine, letting French and Spanish influence enter the picture as well.

Risotto might seem like a heavy choice for summer, but hey — we’re suckers for pork belly. Plus, this version is spruced up with some asparagus and four very important words: rosemary parmesan bread crumbs.


Strawberry Lemonade Pie

Strawberry lemonade pie / Photo by Bard & Baker


Strawberry Lemonade Pie at Bard & Baker

501 Broadway, Troy, 518.948.6693

LARP on over to the Capital Region’s board game café this month for some scrumptious summer sweets. Strawberry lemonade might be summer in a glass, but who says it can’t be summer in a pie, too? The best part? Not only is this dessert gorgeous to look at and delicious to eat, but it’s also crafted with the fruits that were used to make Bard & Baker’s flavored cocktail syrups — minimizing waste and maximizing taste.



Ice Cream Bars at Lagusta’s Luscious

25 North Front St, New Paltz, 845.633.8615

This brightly colored confectionary is always a fun spot to stop in New Paltz. If there is such a thing as a guilt-free dessert, it’s probably served at Lagusta’s, where everything is organic, fair-trade, and vegan. These treats are made with tahini ice cream and a thin layer of tahini caramel, all coated with an irresistible magic chocolate shell.

Plus, visit on the right day and you may get to try one of their other flavors like peanut butter caramel.

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