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When it comes to adventure, Frost Valley YMCA has your child’s summer covered, for everyone from beginner rock climber to the outdoor survival enthusiast. Frost Valley provides well-rounded adventures both at its Catskills campground and on structured Adventure Trips around the country. Zach Eigenbrodt, director of Adventure Camp, says, “Summer is the perfect time for an adventure, and this is the perfect time to plan for summer, as many of our programs fill quickly. We’re happy to answer any of your camp questions!”

Teen Adventure Trips

Build character, overcome challenges, make lasting friendships — these are the tenets of Frost Valley YMCA’s Teen Adventure programs. Campers explore awe-inspiring natural beauty around the United States, taking in some of the most beautiful views of the nation. They learn how to trust in themselves and each other through exploration, problem-solving, and working together. The Adventure programs are an empowering experience that vary, depending on how big or small of a challenge your teen is seeking. The brand-new One-Week Adventure Trip, for instance, is especially designed for those heading into the sixth grade and allows campers to learn more about how adventure programs work, while they discover how to rise to meet the fun challenges ahead.

Other adventure programs include Explorer Trips, Pioneer Trips, and Service Trips. Teens with more outdoor experience can explore with the Adirondack Mountain Summit Multi-pitch (grades 9-12), while the Adirondack Hike and Climb (grades 7-8), West Virginia Whitewater (grades 8-9), White Mountains Hike and Climb (grades 9-10) appeal to varying levels. Teens can also participate in a local Service Trip that allows them to provide community service to a nearby organization, while still taking plenty of time to explore and have fun in nature.

frost valley adventure camps
frost valley teen adventure camp frost valley teen adventure camp

Bear Grylls Survival Academy Teen Camp

Already a home base for Bear Grylls Survival Academy family and individual programs, Frost Valley hosts the world-premiere Bear Grylls Survival Academy Teen Camp. Trained by the Bear Grylls Survival Academy, survival professionals will lead a six-day overnight camp in the Catskills wilderness surrounding Frost Valley’s Main Camp. Under expert guidance, campers will gain dozens of skills, as they’re put to the test in thrilling survival and endurance scenarios. Campers will even get the chance to rappel down a waterfall!

Each Bear Grylls Survival Academy camper will be outfitted in top of the line essentials so they can endure simulated, yet no-less extreme, survival situations in the Catskill wilderness. They will also experience the natural world around them, building a strong sense of camaraderie with their peers, and taking healthy risks that challenge them to go beyond their comfort zones.

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NEW: Durango Village at Main Camp

Durango Village at Main Camp is a brand-new equestrian camp at Frost Valley, designed for boys ages 8 to 12 who want to participate in traditional camp activities and also gain horseback riding skills. Campers are paired with their own horse throughout the course of the session. They spend half the day learning the basics of horse care and riding technique and devote the rest of the day to a wide range of other camp activities, including swimming, climbing, hiking, and more. Campers also enjoy a one-night camping trip to the barn. This program offers a great experience for boys with basic riding experience, although all riding levels are accepted.

Visit FrostValley.org or call 845-985-2291 to learn more or to register today!

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