Hudson Valley Magazine November 2018

Your Complete November Events Calendar

Here's everything you need to get up and off the couch this month.

These Homemade Pumpkin Pancakes Make Mornings Better

The easy harvest breakfast from a mainstay Hudson Valley café takes a decadent turn when topped with pecan praline syrup.

Kingston's New Chef Goes Into the Wilde

Wilde Beest's Chris Turgeon handpicks ingredients at Hepworth Farms in the Hudson Valley.

This Kingston Spot Is Not Your Typical Antiques Shop

A Kingston space offers up anything you may need for your home — including custom design.
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What’s Hot in Kitchen Trends?

Forecasts for the heart of the home.

Which of These Serene Lakeside Cottages Would You Make Your Hideaway?

These two cottages make up in amenities what they lack in size.

A Poughkeepsie Healthcare Tech Company Disrupts an Outdated System

Anthony J. Bacchi, MD, and his Poughkeepsie-based TeliStat are looking to ‘change the world.’

A Local Veteran Is Honored in This Vietnam War Documentary

This Suffern man is featured in the Vietnam War documentary Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor.

Where in the Valley: Flaxen Home of Faith

Where in the Valley is this cheery church?
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The Big Sip, the Hudson Valley's premier wine and spirits fest, is October 7-8!