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As the demand for healthy, organic food increases, Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Alliance members are seizing the opportunity to make their mark, both locally and nationally, by creating products to meet that demand.

Organic Nectars, based in the outskirts of Woodstock and a member of the Alliance, is one of those brands. It is the Hudson Valley’s first all-organic, all-vegan, all-gluten-free food company, having been founded in 2004. The company has developed delicious, artisanal products, introducing them throughout the region.

The Hudson Valley boasts the most vibrant and growing base of food and beverage-related businesses in the nation. Alongside many well-known industry names and successful and growing industry players, the Food & Beverage Alliance brings organizations within the food and beverage industries together, helping area businesses forge strong partnerships. The Alliance – formed by the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation – provides access to economic guidance and marketing resources to businesses throughout the region.

“Our objective was to recreate some of the world’s most beloved sweets and treats using only organic, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free ingredients at more healthful, lower processing temperatures,” explains Lisa Protter, co-founder and president of Organic Nectars. “We want to create the best possible products at the most affordable price.”

After decades of studying nutrition and cuisines from different cultures across the world, the founders of Organic Nectars developed a keen interest in the raw food diet, which includes only fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and keeping the processing temperature below 115 degrees to preserve optimal nutritional value.

Since launching the company in 2004, Organic Nectars has introduced groundbreaking products such as the world’s first nut-based frozen dessert, Cashewtopia gelato, and the world’s first full line of coconut sugar sweetened chocolates. The company has won several industry gold awards for its innovations, including Outstanding Organic Product of the Year and Outstanding Diet or Lifestyle Product of the Year from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT).

Organic Nectars products are sold in hundreds of stores across the country, including the Hudson Valley, New York City metro area, Albany, parts of Florida and California, and even in Japan.

Learn more at www.organicnectars.com

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