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What is the easiest way to make your appearance look 20 years younger without gyms, diets, injections, or surgeries?

Beautify yourself with a smile makeover and do more for yourself than any other single approach to transform your visual and emotional appeal. A smile makeover will:

  • ignite a positive, confidence-building energy within you.
  • build on your revitalized, empowering confidence and draw more people to you with like energy.
  • make you look healthier, feel sexier, and more appealing — beautiful smiles exude warmth and friendliness.
  • redefine you. Design your smile to fit exactly who you are… or who you want to be. Make your smile match your style.

If appearance is your game, nothing tops a beautiful smile.

Why do some smile makeovers look so beautiful and alluring, while others look so wrong and scream “I just left my dentist?”

The beauty in a show-stopping smile makeover that looks totally real and natural, emanates from the intimate attention given to the many details that create visual balance, facial harmony, and oral health. A perfectly designed smile makeover requires careful planning, thorough communication, precise technique, and a strong attitude on everyone’s parts to achieve an elegant result.

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Edward Prus, DDS
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poorly designed ceramic crowns

Poorly designed ceramic crowns

perfectly designed ceramic crowns

Perfectly designed ceramic crowns

The more damaged a mouth is at the start, the greater the challenge and reward when the goal is achieved.

Must I cut my teeth down in order to revitalize my smile? What other options do I have?

To revitalize your smile, there are five basic approaches that can be used individually or in combination with the others:

  • Whitening is the easiest way to make a WOW impact. The best system that works for you depends on the source and intensity of the unwanted color and what you hope to achieve when finished: over-the-counter, professional at-home, or in-office systems.
  • Orthodontics are used when teeth are beautiful, but are only out of position. Braces or clear Invisalign trays work best.
  • Tooth recontouring, reshaping, and polishing, or reshaping teeth with bonding, is a simple and inexpensive approach for mildly worn, misshapen, or chipped teeth.
  • Tissue recontouring or reshaping of irregular, uneven, or excessive gingival tissues with a quick and easy laser procedure, creates a balance between the lips and teeth.
  • Resurfacing teeth with porcelain veneers or crowns is the most dramatic and long-term approach. They are sometimes created without any or a minimal cutting of the teeth.

What can I do to restore my smile if my problem is bigger than just a few crooked, stained teeth (such as missing, tilted, extruded, or decayed teeth; gum disease; or poor jaw structure)?

Rebuilding a broken mouth back to visual and functional balance is called Full Mouth Rehabilitative (FMR) dentistry. Many mouths are severely broken down and need to be totally rebuilt. Each mouth has its own unique solution, which will yield the most dramatic, life-changing results when properly done.

What are the most important things to know when remaking your smile?

  • Have a visual and emotional image in mind. Know/learn what you want to achieve.
  • Use the K-I-S-S rule. Find the easiest path that matches your values, needs, and limits and achieves your vision.
  • Create an ideal starting point. For veneers or crowns, your teeth should be relatively even in color (whiten them), straight, and properly spaced (braces/Invisalign) to maximize their esthetics.
  • Create functional balance since a mouth in functional harmony will last longer. This balance is the cornerstone to long-lived restorations.
  • Support gingival health. Diseased gums around teeth are a major visual and emotional turnoff. Perfect periodontal health is achievable at home almost 100% of the time. You should accept nothing less.
  • Protect your investment. Just as with any other valuable possession, you must protect your investment in your mouth by using a night guard.

before photo 1BEFORE:
Missing and out-of-position adult teeth

after photo 1AFTER:
Orthodontics, implants, ceramic crowns

before photo 2BEFORE:
Missing lateral incisors and gingival tissues out of balance

after photo 2AFTER:
Implants, gum recontouring, upper/lower ceramic crowns

Actual case photos by Dr. Prus

Dr. Edward Prus has dedicated his entire career to esthetic rehabilitative dental therapy. His patients, including those from his 30 years in Manhattan, recognize his true dedication to their health and well-being, performed with a truly holistic perspective. (Find patient testimonials on the website here.) Dr. Prus’s dentistry combines an acute awareness of natural looking esthetics and a strong attitude to provide the very best long-term dental care available. Dr. Prus offers nonpareil care that is truly hard to find. He chose his office, the Center for Dental Excellence in Hopewell Junction, so it can be conveniently reached from all over the Hudson Valley, just off I-84 (at Taconic State Parkway) and a few minutes from I-684.

Visit the website for more information on many dental topics of interest, to view other videos, make an appointment, or find directions to CDE: www.drprusdds.com. Call Dr. Prus for a free cosmetic consultation at 845-227-7787 (PRUS).

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