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If Hudson Valley Fitness seems like a good fit for you, click here to sign up for two free Body Transformation classes. 


With the holidays now behind us, we say goodbye to the indulgent eating, drinking, and sitting around that, let’s face it, make us feel a little bit guilty. We’ve had too much turkey, too many spirits, and not nearly enough exercise. Sitting cozy by the fire sure is delightful – who doesn’t like to feel their jolliest? – but now it’s time to get things going.

This is the year to find your workout plan — and stay with it. Maybe you’re not a fan of big gyms. Or, even if you do get into a groove of working out frequently, it wears off or you find another excuse not to keep going.

But Hudson Valley Fitness is a different kind of fitness program that works to become part of your lifestyle so you can be healthy all year long. Here are six reasons Hudson Valley Fitness is the place to start your fitness transformation in 2017.

1. Knowledgeable staff. Hudson Valley Fitness is run by owner/trainer Keith Laug. Laug is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as a nutrition consultant — and a good conversationalist to boot when it comes to helping create a program that will work for you. He teaches proper form in an invited way that won’t make you feel stupid or not advanced enough to start. You don’t need to be a pro to see results here. Laug has been in business in Beacon for 14 years, has had hundreds of clients, and thousands of personal training sessions. He knows his stuff. 

2. Customization. Often, first-time patrons need to discuss an existing condition that they’re concerned about. Laug knows exercise alternatives and modifications that avoid putting stress on trouble areas of the body. This way, you can still get in a great workout but not do something that might aggravate or create an injury. 

3. Scheduled Classes. If you’re like most, you need to schedule your workouts otherwise you run the risk of making them optional. Hudson Valley Fitness has a class schedule that runs from Monday-Saturday — depending on how busy your week is, you can plan on attending two or three classes a week in advance. There is also a robust personal training clientele where you can get more focused one-on-one training if classes aren’t your thing.

4. The Workout Sessions: Hudson Valley Fitness calls their sessions “body transformation classes” which focus on functional and high intensity training. The classes are only 45 minutes long, and there is a great group warm up before the workout begins. The benefits of high intensity interval training are pretty well documented, and these sessions encompass all of those benefits. In addition to the traditional HIIT class benefits, the classes change throughout the month to account for strength training in some classes and more aerobic exercise in others. The exercises that are a part of this plan are well thought out and smart for the body. They’re not “extreme” — you won’t be jumping on boxes and scrapping your shin, or slamming a tire with a sledgehammer — but you will be using resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, and your own body weight and strength to smartly get through a dynamic range of exercises, giving you an amazing total body workout. 

5. Exercises for Any Level of Fitness: People of all ages, genders, and skill can find the right balance for each exercise. One exercise called a “step-up” might call on the class members to step up onto a box a certain number of times, but there are boxes of varying heights and even small steps you can use; you could even alternate and do a lunge exercise instead. Either way, there is something perfect for your skill level. As your class visits increase, so does your strength, endurance, and ability.

6. Great Classmates. The local residents that come to Hudson Valley Fitness each day create a community unmatched anywhere else. “I feel like [HVF] is a second family,” said Fishkill mom Maureen. “The smaller classes make it feel more personal and you’re still getting that one-on-one time when you need it.”


If Hudson Valley Fitness seems like a good fit for you, click here to sign up for two free Body Transformation classes.  

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