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Transforming your yard into an attractive and functional outdoor living space is a job you can accomplish on your own with the help of some amazing do-it-yourself equipment purchased or rented from Pine Bush Equipment. 

First, consider your options. What is the size and shape of the area you will be working with?  Is it level, hilly, rocky, sloping, overgrown?  Is it sunny or shady or mixed? What’s your budget?

Spend time peeking at other people’s yards, looking through magazines and accessing websites, searching for ideas, designs, and features that especially appeal to you. Decide what it is you most want — maybe a spectacular garden, an alluring patio for entertaining or hanging out with the family, a play area for the children, privacy from the street or neighbors, intimate areas, maybe lots of open lawn. Don’t try to accomplish all of your projects at once or you’ll find yourself overwhelmed and tempted to give up or call in the experts. Instead, concentrate on one project or area at a time. 

The Right Equipment Makes the Job Easier

Here are a few of the most common and useful kinds of machines Pine Bush Equipment offers to do-it-yourself landscapers. All come with instructions on how to use them, so no worries if you are not experienced. We’re experts here at PBE, we can help you.

Tractor/Loader/Backhoe: This machine has two digging functions performed by a blade on the bottom and an arm with a bucket on the top.  Have you decided to use paving stones for a patio or a walkway? Use the blade to prepare the area, then the arm and bucket to grade the ground. Do you have a water drainage issue on your property? Build a French drain by digging a trench that contains a perforated pipe filled with gravel to redirect surface and ground water away from the area. A tractor with an attached landscape rake can be used for preparing a lawn area for seeding or leveling a stone or gravel driveway. 

Compact Track Loader : A loader with a hydraulic power pack, this machine allows you to use many different attachments for different purposes. For example, if you are installing a fence, you can attach a post-hole digger to the front of the loader and drill a hole in the ground for a fence post. If you’re planting a small tree or shrub that requires a much bigger hole, you can change the attachment to dig the width and depth you need. Forks and bucket attachments can pick up rocks or heavy logs, or spread materials such as sand or soil over a large area. 

 Wood Chipper: Chop up fallen branches and logs, then use the mulch you’ve created on your gardens. 

Pine Bush Equipment, a family-run business, has been located in the Hudson Valley since 1956, and has developed a sturdy reputation for quality and reliability.   We rent, sell, service and sell parts for a wide variety of machines for contractors and homeowners.  We also sell NAPA auto and truck parts. It’s all here, in two convenient locations. 

For weekend landscapers, we specialize in tools and equipment that are easy for non-professionals to use. Come in, or call one of our locations to see the hundreds of brands and types of equipment we offer. If you wish, make an appointment for a free visit to your property for advice on what machines will work best for you. 

A Best of Hudson Valley Winner for 10 years!  Pine Bush Equipment is the “Best Place to Buy a Tractor!” 

Pine Bush Equipment

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