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Where to stay is often top-of-mind when exploring all that the Hudson Valley has to offer. From hotels to inns to bed & breakfasts there are a multitude of options to choose from. Your profile in Hudson Valley’s partner content section Hotels, Inns, and B&B Profiles will help ensure you’re at the top of the list when our affluent, influential readers are making overnight reservations.

No Charge Digital Bonus!

We will promote and drive traffic to the digital edition of the Hotels, Inns, and B&B Profiles guide with a targeted email reaching 100,000 households of affluent travel intenders. Digital bonus also includes paid Facebook and Instagram promotion to reach 100k affluent households of travel intenders that like/follow, are on our email lists, visit our website, or look-alike those profiles.


SPACE CLOSE: April 4, 2023
MATERIALS DUE: April 12, 2023


Cover Story – Fall Getaways
SPACE CLOSE: July 12, 2023
MATERIALS DUE: July 20, 2023
PUBLICATION DATE: August 18, 2023

Full Page Profile Ad
• 250-350 words of overview copy
• Limit of 10 people in photo
• Ad Dimensions: 8 7/16″ W x 10 ⅛” H

1/2 Page Horizontal Profile Ad
• 150 words of overview copy
• Limit of 5 people in photo
• Ad Dimensions: 7″ W x 4″ H

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