Keep Your Hudson Valley Garden Cool and Healthy This Summer

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Amanda Bayley of Croton-on-Hudson’s Plan it Wild offers advice on how to keep your backyard thriving during the dog days of the season.

July is one of the hottest months of the year in the Hudson Valley. To beat the summer heat, Amanda Bayley, CEO and co-founder of Croton-on-Hudson-based Plan it Wild, shares some tips to cool down your backyard garden and plants.

Water ‘Em Right

If a plant’s leaves look dry or wilted, it needs water. Don’t quickly blast water from a hose. It’s best to water it slowly and aim for its base so the water can percolate into the soil and into its roots.

Choose Wisely

Plan it Wild’s recommended trees: white oak, red oak, red maple, American hornbeam, Washington hawthorn, serviceberry, and flowering dogwood.


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It’s All in the Timing

Planting is not advised in the summer; instead, plan a cool down of your garden and capture carbon with trees. Find the best location to plant a native shade tree by selecting a space that is easily accessible for watering and will offer much-needed shade. This way, you can sit back and enjoy the view each season as the leaves change and birds come to visit.

Ward Off Weeds

Remove invasive plants. These are uninvited plants that may be smothering your other plants and taking over your summer garden. Remove them in the morning or early evening when it’s not too hot.


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The Lower Hudson Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM) is an excellent place to go for resources, events, and identifying invasive species.

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