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Here’s When to Plant Bulbs for Spring in the Hudson Valley

Adobe Stock | Photo Courtesy of Alexander Raths

Matthew Sabellico of Sabellico Greenhouse & Florist in Hopewell Junction offers up tips for getting the most out of your plantings.

When is the best time to plant bulbs?

“Anytime between the middle of September and the ground freezing in late November. Getting [bulbs] in early October will allow the bulbs to start developing healthy roots before the ground freezes. They will go dormant once the ground freezes, then once spring comes the following year they can take off running with their pre-winter root growth.

If you don’t plant them in fall, you can put bulbs in the refrigerator or a cold garage and plant them in spring once the ground thaws.”

What bulbs do the best in our area, and where should they be planted?

Tulips, crocus, snowdrops, hyacinth, and muscari.

“Planting tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth together will help deter the deer from munching on the delicate tulip buds. Mixing these varieties will [also] ensure longer blooming times.” Put hyacinth and muscari close to your doors so you get that sweet smell every time you go in or out of the house.

Don’t forget to plant your garlic and shallots in fall as well. Fall-planted garlic will be bigger and more pungent; it gives them ample time to get established and put on significant growth before harvest.”