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How to Start an Herb Garden


A little green at home does a world of good.

Winter in the Hudson Valley exudes its own beauty, but during the cold months, many of us miss the vibrant greens of seasons past. One simple remedy is bringing a reminder of warmer temps into your home, with an herb garden.

Growing herbs, or any plant, indoors may seem intimidating to inexperienced gardeners, but with a few simple tips, you can easily become a pro. Mike Augustine, owner of Augustine Nursery in Kingston, shares his advice on cultivating your green thumb indoors.

What are basic tips for keeping indoor herbs?

You want your herbs to get six hours or more of natural light in order for them to be happy.  If you notice the herbs start to yellow slightly or have larger-than-usual gaps in between leaf sets, that could be a sign they need more light. When using standard pots, also be very careful to keep the pots well-drained, as root-rot is common when there is insufficient drainage.

Which room in your house do you usually grow herbs?

I grow my herbs in my kitchen window, due to the ample amount of sunlight I get there.

What are the best herbs to keep indoors?

You can grow a majority of them indoors, but a few of my favorite staples are basil, parsley, rosemary, and sage.

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