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Here’s How to Create the Perfect Guest Room for the Holidays

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Local design expert Melissa Cohen, of Context Interior Design + Color, shares her tips for creating the perfect guest room for the holidays.

Ready to be the host with the most this holiday season? Here’s how to set your guest room up right, with tips courtesy of Hudson Valley-based design expert Melissa Cohen of Context Interior Design + Color.

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Clean and freshen

“First, I clean and freshen all the bedding. I know many people often throw all their spare bedding together, but I think the [guest] bed and how it’s made says, ‘I am really glad you are visiting, and I care about not only making you comfortable but giving you a little TLC.’ Lavender oil or a little essential oil sprayed on the bedding adds a special touch.”

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Sheets are essential

“The perfect bed has toothy linen or satin sheets. Both have a sensual sensation against bare skin. I don’t like a lot of pillows on the bed because they have to be put somewhere when one goes to bed. I feel four or five, including at least two with pops of color, are perfect.”

Let there be light — and more

“I like to make sure [guests] have a good reading light, a phone charger, and a table so they can put their jewelry and watch down.”

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Keep décor clean and pretty

“Bring in some crisp, modern elements and then soften everything with references to nature. That could mean wildflowers from the yard, branches of whatever is in season, and lighting to set the mood.”

Guest don’ts…

“Mistakes that guests make include trying to help when they are unfamiliar with your setup, like putting the dishes away in all the wrong places. My pet peeve is guests who book weeks in advance and then show up late or cancel at the last moment. Another is guests who throw wet things in baskets made for paper.”

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