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Make Perfect Pizzas at Home With a Forza Forni Oven

Host safe parties and reimagine summer at home with outdoor pizza ovens.
Photos by Andrea and Kaarsten Harris

The Brewster-based business specializes in authentic, wood-fired pizza ovens that home chefs and restaurants alike crave.

The pandemic has turned us into bakers, baristas, and crafty thinkers — and yes, even pizzaioli. Brewster-based Forza Forni — the global leader in authentic Italian, wood-fired pizza ovens — reports that sales for their residential pizza ovens doubled from 2019 to 2020. Sales in 2021 are up significantly, too.

“With everyone staying home throughout 2020, it was no surprise that people were turning their backyard into their own private oasis,” says founder and CEO Peter de Jong. “Instead of going to Italy, they brought Italy to their own backyard.”

With summer gatherings and occasions about to begin, it’s the perfect time to ramp up your outdoor living space — and menu.

“Artisan [home] chefs have the ability to experience wood-fired cooking like the pros with the same equipment you’ve seen in restaurants all over Westchester and the Hudson Valley,” says de Jong, who notes that Forza Forni’s commercial clients include Lolita’s in Poughkeepsie, The Parlor in Dobbs Ferry, Ollie’s in Hyde Park, and Sloop in Fishkill.

Investing in a residential pizza oven, whether it’s an outdoor model from Forza Forni’s foundation, Volcano, or Acunto series, or one installed in your kitchen wall, will ignite “a new level of dinner party or restaurant experiences,” guarantees de Jong.

Knead-to-Know Pizza Tips

So, you have a pizza oven… now what? Pizza-making is “like a dance,” and can be mastered over time, says Forza Forni’s culinary director Chef Mark Hopper. The best place to start is learning from pizzerias and recipes you’ve enjoyed in the past — this foundation will inspire you to create your own personal style.

Before You Bake

  • Perfect pizzas are subjective: Don’t be discouraged if you fail once or twice… or often.
  • Focus on the time and temperature that’s best for your preferred pizza style.
  • Build solid oven techniques through repetition. Use that oven over and over again!

Need additional instruction? Forza Forni welcomes clients to schedule appointments at their test kitchen in Brewster, where you can:

  • Test your own dough for recipe bakes in different ovens. In-house dough is also supplied, if needed.
  • Get a rhythm going to lessen any oven intimidation and solidify your pizza making style.
  • Develop menu and recipe ideas for scrumptious dinners, backyard parties, or entrepreneurial beginnings.

844.683.6462; www.forzaforni.com


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