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These Are the Best Trees to Plant Before Fall in the Hudson Valley

Serviceberry | Adobe Stock, Photo by Iva

Ursula Schaad, manager of The Phantom Gardener in Rhinebeck, shares her top trees to plant for stunning Hudson Valley landscapes.

Serviceberry or Juneberry 

Height: 20–30 feet 

These trees work well in what Schaad calls “hardy” climates. The Serviceberry has “small white flowers in the spring, then it gets fruit on it that is edible — mostly, though, the birds get it — and it’s native to North America,” making it easy to grow. “It also has a nice, smooth, grey bark.”

Flowering Dogwood

Adobe Stock | Photo by Randy Anderson

Flowering Dogwood

Height: 15–30 feet

A native to eastern North America, the Flowering Dogwood is in its element here. “It shows beautiful flowering in the spring (much showier than the Serviceberry), but they also have good fall color,” says Schaad. “They get the little red berries, which are a showy fruit, but not edible.” Their bloom time is from April to May, depending on the temperature.

Seven-Son Flower

Height: Up to 20 feet

“This is one of my favorite trees because it has a few special qualities,” says Schaad. “It gets tiny, white flowers in a cluster in September — there are very few trees that flower in the fall. The hummingbirds, birds, and bees love the flowers. And after it flowers, it gets these red seed pods that are a dark reddish color. It also has a gorgeous exfoliating bark and a beautiful vase shape. This tree is not native, but it does tend to do well in our area.”

The Phantom Gardener

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