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3 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Hudson Valley Table for Fall

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The Hudson Valley’s Trim Queen offers up clever and stunning ideas for dressing your table for dinner parties and more this fall.

To celebrate the autumn season in the Hudson Valley, Westchester’s very own Trim Queen, Jana Platina Phipps, shares a few of her favorite ways to spruce up your fall table for any get-together. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a dinner party or simply want to add tasteful fall touches to your table, these ideas will help you dress up your space simply, yet elegantly.

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Add a touch of gold

Adding some gold accents to your table is like adding that finishing touch of jewelry to your outfit that pulls everything together. The sparkle will unite all of your dining accoutrements and leave your guests trying to figure out exactly why your table is so gorgeous.

• Wrap a gold ribbon around your cloth napkin and add a vintage brooch or gold tassel as bling.
• Use gold placemats down a table runner to unite the gold accents from the table.
• Tack the ends of a gold frog closure and use as a napkin ring.
• Contrast the gold with something natural, like seasonal greenery, berries or flowers.

Create pattern play

Mix many patterns on your table for a global yet relaxed elegance. Make sure there is a color that unites all the pattern, in this case it’s orange. Or use napkins with pattern to bridge the china to the textiles. It will be Instagram-worthy, so share it with the tag #PatternPlay or #Tablescape.

• For a contemporary look, buy a few yards of a graphic patterned performance fabric to use as your table cloth. You can hem the edges (or not, after a cocktail no one cares). Mix fancy china with more casual ceramics to create a high-low bohemian vibe.
• Add a runner that gives the table a center focal point and you won’t need placemats under your dishes.
• Use matching water and wine glasses so there isn’t too much visual chaos.

Fall table decor

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Vary heights for more space

Copy an effective visual merchandising trick by using varying heights to give your table more surface area for serving dishes and room for a seasonal centerpiece.

• Use cake stands, even stack them, to create varying heights to allow for more room on your table.
• Add height to serving bowls and platters by setting them on flipped over saucers and small bowls.
• Use tall candlesticks to add a sense of celebration without taking up too much room.

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