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Get Festive Crafting These 6 Fall Garlands in the Hudson Valley

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Fall decorating gets an easy upgrade with festive garlands that are a breeze to make with the family or buy in the Hudson Valley.

Feather Garland

Using scrapbook paper in festive fall colors or a monochromatic color palette, cut out feathers and string together for a feathery garland. You can also purchase printable, instant download sheets on Etsy for $3.


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Copper Leaf Garland

Take leaves you have gathered from outside (or purchase faux leaves from a craft store) and spray paint them with copper spray paint. String them together and you have a naturally beautiful banner.

Pie Garland

This is a fun one for you to make with the kids. Choose your favorite kinds of pies (Martha featured pumpkin and apple) and create “slices” using scrapbook paper, a boning tool, a craft knife, some glue, and pom-poms, and you have something that looks good enough to eat.


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Eucalyptus Garland

This beautiful display looks harder than it is. Homeyohmy has the full how-to, but all you have to do to make it is grab some seeded eucalyptus, floral shears, cord or string, and floral wire, then go to town stringing bits together. It will smell amazing and look beautiful draped over your mantel or over a doorway.


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Tassel Garland

Local craft stores are so stocked now that you can purchase these tissue paper tassels in all colors already made and then string them together in various color combinations. If you love the look of a tassel garland like this, you can also purchase one from Etsy shop Blush Bazaar for $20.

Book Page Garland

I love upcycling, especially when it looks as beautiful as this book page garland. Take old or vintage books you can find at thrift stores, use the pages and cut leaves in various sizes and shapes and string them together either by gluing or by sewing them together with a machine. You can make a bunch like this and use it on corners of doors or mantels, or make a traditional garland for a tabletop or to hang about a fireplace or doorway. The overall look is beautiful, environmentally friendly, and vintage.

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