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How to Declutter and Organize Your Closet in the Hudson Valley

Adobe Stock | Photo by EKaterina

Just in time for spring cleaning in the Hudson Valley, take small steps to declutter the closets and storage spaces in your home.

Cleaning and organizing seem synonymous with the springtime – and oh, so overwhelming! But they don’t have to be, especially if you get started before spring arrives and you have a closet that’s built for organization. If you’re in the mood for a revamp, consider these helpful tips for redoing your closet from Joanne Palumbo, formerly an interior design consultant at California Closets.

Where to start

Purge! To truly declutter, begin by taking an inventory of what you have and creating two piles: one for donations, and one of items to keep.

Dress shirts neatly arranged in a clean closet

Dress shirts should be spaced out evenly and can even be color-coded. Adobe Stock | Photo by CreativePhotography

Planning it out

The goal is to be able to see everything in your closet so you can access it easily and save time in the morning.

Dresses:  Measure your longest dresses and make sure you have the space to hang them.

Pants and Shirts: Just like with the dresses, make sure you have rods that fit your shirts and pants as well. You can double these up next to where your dresses are hung to maximize space.

Sweaters: If you have a lot of bulky shirts or sweaters, consider getting drawers to store them, but remember, all drawers are not created equal. Check the drawer depths before you buy to make sure they work for what you have.

Outfits: A pull-out valet rod will definitely save you time every morning. It is a place where you can hang your outfit for the next day (accessories, too) so you can easily get dressed without the chaos each morning.

Jewelry should have it's own place to be stored

Jewelry should have its own organized storage. Adobe Stock | Photo

Jewelry and Accessories: Drawers, bins, or baskets work best for smaller items like jewelry and accessories.

Shoes: Slanted shoe shelves are amazing. You can see everything at a glance so it’s easier to grab a pair and go.

Dirty Clothes: Everyone has dirty clothes, but no one wants to see them. Consider adding a pull-out hamper that is neatly tucked away out of sight.

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