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Art and Sustainability Meet in This Cornwall Furniture Store


photo courtesy of the Rehab attic


A few years ago, Lynne Tedaldi left her programming job in search of the artist’s path. Eventually it was her passion for refinishing antique furniture — which started as personal projects and favors for friends — that steered her toward her new career: small business owner.

At The Rehab Attic on Main Street in Cornwall, Tedaldi takes pieces written off as past their prime and imagines a sustainable and beautiful vision for the future.

Specifically, she takes quality furniture — some crafted by master artisans as early as the 1800s — and adds a modern twist by stripping, refinishing, and painting the pieces. Tedaldi uses bold colors and intricate patterns to revitalize the furniture to satisfy a contemporary eye.

Tedaldi — who attributes her self-described refinishing “addiction” to her love of artistry, history, and quality — values sustainability and fine workmanship. Many of her pieces are either found on online markets or saved from the landfill, and are far better made than mass-produced furniture.

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Because of the quality of the furniture that Tedaldi finds and chooses to use, her main focus is using her artistic vision to update the furniture’s aesthetic. Particularly, she uses handmade detailing, such as bright florals, to match a modern farmhouse feel.

Tedaldi hopes her work instills a sense of pride in those who purchase her pieces. She likes to picture the furniture being passed down from parents to their children over the years.

“I see the pieces as functional artwork,” says Tedaldi. “The passion in my furniture ties a whole room together.”

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